More images of upcoming Bravo class VAMP and HISS

Perhaps this mystery surrounding the whole Pursuit of Cobra thing wouldn’t be so frustrating if the toys weren’t so freaking cool.  I think what’s killing many fans out there is that these toys look so bad ass that not knowing when they’re coming is really taxing us…

So, just to rub a little more salt in the wound, HissTank has posted some more images of the upcoming VAMP and HISS bravo class vehicles, which are, frankly, just amazing.

I mean look at those things.  Utter bad assedness.  The VAMP is amazingly cool, and so obviously built based off the Sigma 6 Night Ops VAMP (which is not a bad thing).  The angular armor, the modular gun ports, even the rotating weapons platform in the back with a very similar gatling gun.  To me, this is a GREAT thing.  I’ve long since expressed my love for the 2.5″ Sigma 6 vehicle designs, and seeing 3 3/4″ vehicles so strongly based on those looks is just a fantastic thing.

Now, if we only knew what to call the toyline…  hell, though, they can call it Mighty Morphin Power Joe if they keep producing toys like this.

10 thoughts on “More images of upcoming Bravo class VAMP and HISS

  1. That VAMP (or whatever they’re going to call it) is just…perfect. I really want to see the painted prototype for it and the driver, though. That’ll seal the deal.

  2. That statement made me laugh! My pants are intact, but these are the awesome.

    The rollbar area above where the back seat passengers heads would be has that little detailing that make me think of the original VAMP so much.
    I’m looking forward to using that tow hook.

  3. Man, that Vamp is awesome! I’m not usually a fan of the more realistic stuff, but that just has so much play value (so much stuff!). I wish I was as excited for the HISS tank…there’s a point where it just starts to look to abstract to me. On the other hand, this really brings the HISS home to it’s original idea as a fast attack vehicle, since this looks like it’s built for speed and speed alone! Ah well, I bet I’m gona get one no matter what, so I’ll wait to really give a verdict when I have it in hand.

  4. That Vamp looks great. It’s a 4-seater. A definite IMPROVEMENT over the old Vamp 2-seater.

  5. The VAMP is definately a keeper, but does anybody else think it looks surprisingly similar to the CORPS! truck that came out a few years ago? It is amusing to think Hasbro could have imitated Lanard for once.

  6. The HISS is… I dunno. I know I’m in for one because it’s a HISS and I HAVE A DISEASE, but I’ll need to see a finished product before I give it a definite yea or nay.

    The VAMP is all kinds of awesome. Kind of a cross between the Desert Fox and the Hammer… both of which I was always a fan of. Nice work on this one, to be sure.

  7. Mike, I suppose if you’re in the “HISS is the MBT of Cobra” camp, the new HISS might be a little off-putting…

    But me, I’m just ecstatic that we finally have a HISS that lives up to its name of “HIgh-Speed Sentry”. That thing looks fast, sleek and mean!

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