More detailed images of the upcoming Mech Suits and Jurassic Park

It’s a fairly safe bet these days that if pictures leak out of Asia of some upcoming pre-production items, HissTank member Gyre-Viper will have some more detail in the coming days…and these latest images are no exception.

Gyre-Viper has indeed posted a bevy of new detailed images, over 80 of them to be exact, which I’m mirroring here.

G.I. Joe and Cobra Mech Suits:

These look pretty damn cool.  Of course, the most important question to me is “was the cockpit retooled”.  The old Iron Hammer could fit 3 3/4″ figures, but it was a very tight squeeze, and only worked marginally well.  So, I was hoping there was some new tooling involved with these re-releases.  Well, that certainly appears to be the case.

By carving away the interior cockpit and adding more recessed control arms, there’s now plenty of space for 3 3/4″ (or even the larger new style 4″) figures, which is awesome.  If anyone wants even more detailed pics of the original Iron Hammer, my review is up at Sigma 6 Central, and I also mirrored some images from that below.  This thing is the balls.

Jurassic Park AWE Strikers w/ drivers:

Along with the Mech suits, Gyre-Viper has also posted images of what look to be some upcoming Jurassic Park items using G.I. Joe tooling.  The AWE Strikers are cool enough, with the dinosaur like camouflage, but hot damn…those Firefly/Resolute Trooper figures are absolutely INSANE.  Love the camouflage patterns.  Cool thing is, the green camouflage can make for an awesome jungle look, and even the blue and black mixes in with Cobra’s “Night Watch” color scheme nicely.  Both of these figures will make for some great Cobra troopers, and it only helps that they sport the Resolute gear, too.  Really dig them.

9 thoughts on “More detailed images of the upcoming Mech Suits and Jurassic Park

  1. MAN these are awesome. I’m not sure I can say much else beyond that; I love the mechs, I love the drivers, and I love the new control sticks in the cockpit. (Especially love that they are using Wild Weasle’s helmet again; one of my favorites).

    The JP AWEs are pretty sweet too, though I think I will only get the one with the blue guy; he looks like he’ll make a good Alley Viper.

  2. Man, oh man, I like the mechs and drivers, but I like the drivers from the awe strikers best. Of course, they’re going to be packed in with $24 awe striker repaints, making them impossible to troop build. I need another awe striker like I need another hole in my head.

  3. well if the big hiss is gonna be $19.99
    then the mechs can’t be more than that right??

  4. I’m not a big fan of the AWE Striker but I know a lot of Joe fans are so I’m happy for them.
    I wouldn’t mind the drivers, though. They look quite spiffy.

    As for the mechs… OH YES DO WANT. Awesome colors, awesome designs, awesomely frankenjoe’d drivers!

  5. And a lot of folks whined about matt tracker, maybe it’s just me, but those mechs with those drivers reminds me a lot of m.a.s.k.

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