More fuel to the Pursuit of Cobra/Rise of Cobra fire

Obviously the fandom is pretty on edge these days, as evidenced by my monstrous comments section for my last post in regards to the whole Rise of Cobra/Pursuit of Cobra transition.  Well, leave it to my good buddies at the Terror Drome to add more potential fuel to the fire with their keen eye.

Recent images emerged of potential upcoming G.I. Joe and Cobra mech suits, using the tooling from the 2.5″ Sigma 6 Iron Hammer.  Something that went unnoticed with those images (by most folks except the aforementioned Terror Drome gents) was that the G.I. Joe figure had a different logo on his vest.  Now, keep in mind, most Pursuit of Cobra items we’ve seen so far have had the familiar Rise of Cobra movie Eagle and Shield logo, tying them tightly into that movie universe.  Well, things now seem to potentially be branching out a bit.  Click the “Read the Rest of this Entry” link below to check out the full details.

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Alexx Shorts – Cobra Surveillance Port

The only Wal-Mart Battle Station that Alexx had yet to cover has now been covered!  With his usual humerous style, Alexx has plenty to say about the somewhat flimsy looking  Battle Station with the sketchy figures…I’ve mirrored the great images below.