Elite-Viper w/ Flight Pod Target Exclusive images

Rulz over at HissTank.com has gotten a hold of another upcoming Rise of Cobra exclusive item, this time the Target Exclusive Cobra Flight Pod w/ Elite-Viper.  I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m really loving this paint scheme for the Elite-Viper.  Absolutely love the combination of black and red with the camouflage pants.  A very cool look…I may end up grabbing a couple of these.  It’s weird…the first two waves of Target Exclusive items were fairly “bleh”, but this third wave looks very freaking cool.  Love this set.

Thanks to the Terror Drome for the intel as well!

5 thoughts on “Elite-Viper w/ Flight Pod Target Exclusive images

  1. One of the toughest parts of getting a job in cobra must be getting a decent-looking uniform; don’t you think?

  2. Cool, the armor is kinda shinny. Looked totally flat in earlier pics. Well, I’m certainly getting one! I like the colors on the pod (and I love those crazy bubbles!) and the Viper is just under totally ridiculous (though, just enough ridiculous for me to still want ’em!)

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