Reviews and scores of images of Wave 3 Alpha Vehicles

The third wave of Rise of Cobra Alpha Vehicles created quite the firestorm when it was leaked that the assortment was potentially cancelled.  In fact, I’d argue word of their cancellation generated much more buzz than the actual figures and vehicles themselves ever did.

Well, after all of the hulabaloo (yes, I just used the word hulabaloo…) it now appears that the assortment will see release after all, just after a short delay.  In fact, word is the Philippines have already seen the vehicle packs appear on store shelves.  As further proof of this, JoeCustoms member chrysophylax has posted some very nice images along with some reviews over at  Reviews are up for the Tiger Claw w/ Leatherneck, the Polar Shark Sub w/ Ice Storm, and the Lavapod driver, Volcano Viper.  I’ve also mirrored the great images below.

The more I see the Volcano Viper the cooler he becomes…I really love the detail on that helmet.  Holy crap that’s coolness.  The Polar Shark Sub is pretty awesome, too.  Definitely the strongest Alpha wave yet, glad it’s being released.

9 thoughts on “Reviews and scores of images of Wave 3 Alpha Vehicles

  1. Is there a chance in hell that we’ll ever see a moustache & cap guy NOT using the damn gung-ho head?!?

  2. What kind of Ice Viper is that next to the Volcano Viper?
    I like the red clear plastic visor it has.

    I wish the Volcano Viper was a single card item.

  3. ive held out buying a molepod cuz i dont want another croc master, but that lava pod pilot will seal the deal on a drilling toy for me. ii really wanted that sharc too. that is until i saw it next to its pilot. im skipping that one until a sale hits.

  4. That Lava-Viper looks to me to be a modern Toxo-Viper. And being in the Army Chemical Corps I will probably pick up two just for the figure.

  5. What is the story with the Ice Viper next to the Volcano Viper?
    I like it’s red clear visor better than the current red stripe standard version.

  6. Finally, the Volcano Viper makes the molepod worth it, now! He looks great!

    Strangly enough, I love the heck outa that sub, but only because it gives me nostalgic feelings for old side scrolling shooters like Gradius and R-Type. Looks like a great little space ship!

  7. Got Dusty with the rockslide ATAV just today. Awesome figure! The Volcano Viper is also a must buy.

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