Official Images of upcoming Rise of Cobra “Rip Attack” vehicles

We’ve seen enough of these images to really know what we’re getting with these sets, but the fact that we now have official pictures to show probably means these are on the verge of release.  And as usual, these two vehicles add a sense of conflict…  I love the Elite-Viper, but would have loved something NEW with the Elite-Viper…however, the Cobra vehicle is far superior to the G.I. Joe one.  On the flip side, though, this strange amalgamation of Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes and the Commando Snake Eyes from Rise of Cobra at least offers some new elements, even if the end result is a bulkier version of the same figure.  Bulk is exactly what that figure needed, though, so maybe this is a good thing?

Check out the images below.

3 thoughts on “Official Images of upcoming Rise of Cobra “Rip Attack” vehicles

  1. I sort of wish I still had my MOTU Road ripper. (I think it would be faster and more destructive than these, and it didn’t have a hold-n-release- trigger!)

    Now, if the property managers would get on the older age of the sales spectrum and get some “high-detail” type of vehicles in the mix, this is be good for me. (it seems to work for Lego)

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