The top 10 G.I. Joe Events of the decade

In real life world, 10 years sometimes can go by in a flash…although a lot has changed for me personally since 2000, it still seems like it just flew by.  I’ve gained a wife, 2 children, moved back to my hometown, gone through two different jobs, lost 125 pounds, and completely changed my career path and overall life philosophy.  Yet, it still kinda feels like yesterday.

In G.I. Joe world, however, the past 10 years might as well have been 5 separate lifetimes.  It’s been a roller coaster ride for certain since the 2000’s began, and this decade has been absolutely loaded with G.I. Joe related events.  So what are the ten most important events of the past 10 years?  Here they are, in my opinion (below the jump):

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Pursuit of Cobra Mech Suit images – Iron Hammer giddiness ensues!

When it rains, it pours, and today, it’s been pouring a bit…  hot on the heels of the revalation of potential card art for an upcoming G.I. Joe single pack line, The Terror Drome has uncovered some images of upcoming Mech Suits that seem to be slated to hit retail alongside this new line.  I hesitate to continue calling it “Pursuit of Cobra” based on the lack of that moniker on the packaging, but for simplicity sake, I will probably still refer to it by that name.

Now, during JoeCon last year we already saw Hasbro show a slide of the Sigma 6 2.5″ Iron Hammer Mech Suit, so it’s already established that this was a plan for the Pursuit of Cobra line, but now apparently we can expect more than one of these bad boys!  That’s all great news to me…  I’m a totally unabashed and unashamed fan of Sigma 6 in both scales, but I’ve also admitted that the vehicle line would have been MUCH cooler had it been integrated with the more familiar 3 3/4″ scale.  Well, we’re at least kind of getting that wish now, in the form of these very cool looking Iron Hammer mechs.  While I’m not sure how they’ve been modified to fit the larger figures, from a pure size perspective, they fit seamlessly.  Excellent.

While on the topic of image weirdness, we also get to see some new Jurassic Park items (or what appear to be anyway).  I really like what I’m seeing, but at the same time, I feel a bit conflicted.

Obviously Hasbro elected to use some G.I. Joe tooling for these JP items, which is great to see, and the AWE Strikers both look very neat!  But man…why does Jurassic Park get those bad ass Resolute Trooper figures as base troopers, and we all got stuck with the Rise of Cobra stuff for the regular Joe line?  Lord help me, those Jurassic Park figures look pretty sick in those camouflage schemes, and the TRU Firefly base figure is wonderful.  Awesome looking stuff, but I just can’t help but dream of a day where the dozens of Cobra Troopers we got stuck with were all based on the bad ass Resolute tooling rather than the clunky Rise of Cobra stuff.  Ah, well.

Pursuit of Cobra line, now just a “G.I. Joe” line? Package art revealed?

A small image has emerged from the dark corners of the internet that appears to be packaging art for a new line of G.I. Joe single-pack figures.  It appears to be the Pursuit of Cobra Firefly on the package, with some elements from the Rise of Cobra package design, so all signs point to “legit”.  The most curious thing, of course, is the fact that there is no mention of “The Pursuit of Cobra” on the package, and it almost looks like the single pack line may now be separated into a straight up “G.I. Joe” line once again.

Is this a result of lackluster response to the movie themed toys?   Tough to tell, but the new packaging is pretty exciting.  Love the blue coloring, love the chrome logo that retains many of the elements of the vintage one.

Big thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for pointing this out!


Alexx Shorts update – Wal-Mart Exclusive LAW w/ General Hawk and Grand Slam

After taking a short holiday hiatus, Joe forum favorite Alexx is back at it again, this time covering the Wal-Mart Exclusive LAW (Laser Artillery Weapon).  I must admit, this is one that I have so far skipped, but as usual, he continues to change my mind.  Wonder if my Christmas-ransacked Wal-Mart still has it in stock?

Images revealed (yes, already) for upcoming Past and Present figure 2-packs

Well, that didn’t take long.  Just moments after the story broke about upcoming Past and Present figure 2-packs, many folks were wondering when we’d see images…and as usual, Gyre-Viper from comes through.  Keep in mind these are pre-production mock ups and aren’t necessarily indicative of what the final product may be, but I think it’s probably a safe bet.

If these are what the final product will be?  I hesitate to say it, but…  “meh”.  I’ve got all the Rise of Cobra versions already, and honestly, these are all just repaints of figures we got in comic packs not so long ago.  I could potentially see some new collectors jumping on board here, but honestly, most of the new folks prefer the Anniversary/Rise of Cobra tooling and style, and wouldn’t really latch on to these vintage homages that are somewhat slapped together and imperfect.  It presents a strange dichotomy.  Generally, the most diehard vintage type fans aren’t really big on the movie designs…and the folks that are really into the movie already have all of these movie figures, and also aren’t necessarily that interested in vintage homages, so I’m really not sure who these are designed to appeal to.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as excited as any long time fan for the premise of vintage o-ring tooling being sold on store shelves, but I’m just not sure this was the best way to go about it.

Perhaps if the homages were more carefully done or better conceived, there might be a broader appeal, but as a somewhat hackneyed store exclusive set, I’m a bit hesitant to get all that fired up.  Anyone agree or disagree?

New Past and Present action figure sets revealed in GIJCC newsletter!

Some members of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club have started receiving the latest issue of the club newsletter, and within the pages is a revelation of new Past and Present action figure sets, in the same spirit as the Target Exclusive Rockslide 2-pack!  cmderinchief is  one of those folks, and he gives us a rundown of what to expect from the Real American Hero vintage style tooling:

Snake-Eyes(from Issue #21 2005 comic 3 pack)
Destro (from Issue #24 2005 comic 3 pack)
Duke (from Issue #24 2005 comic 3 pack)
Storm Shadow (from Issue #21 2005 comic 3 pack)

I haven’t seen the images yet, so I can’t be certain what the Rise of Cobra renditions of the figures are, but I imagine they’re just the typical RoC looks…  hopefully more information as it comes available.

Post-Christmas Pit Blowout at!

Gotta thank Carbon Deoxide and johnsocal from HissTank for pointing out this amazing sale on The Pit playset over at  I consider myself a pretty devout G.I. Joe and Rise of Cobra enthusiast, but to this point I hadn’t bitten the bullet on a Pit playset yet.  Until tonight.

Over on the Pit is already at an impressive $59.99 (50% off original $120 MSRP).  But, also allows you to use two promotional codes, and right now, codes NOCHARGE and EXTRA20 will give you free shipping and 20% off your order!  So when all is said and done, I just got a brand new Pit shipped to me for $47.99.  Merry Christmas to Hawk!

Helps that I live in tax-free New Hampshire, but that only adds a few bucks onto it…  Go get ’em!

Happy Holidays from GeneralsJoes

When it comes to this time of year, I find myself having a lot less free time, for obvious reasons…being a father of two young children, certain things take priority during the holiday season, and honestly updating my G.I. Joe website isn’t necessarily on top of the list.  ;)

Over the past two days, we’ve had several Christmas “celebrations” more caloric intake than I care to admit, plenty of family time and lots of love and adoration from my two beautiful little girls during a time in our family’s “real life” that could use a bit of an uptick.

The commercialization of Christmas goes overboard, of course, and the celebration is purely about being close with the ones you love, but there’s something about the look in your four-year-old’s eyes when they see the tree first thing Christmas morning that is unlike anything else that happens that year.  It’s not just the “stuff”, it’s the spirit.  I do regret that I haven’t had more time in the past 72 hours to update the site, but hope to rectify that a bit this coming week, and now that the holiday rush has slowed down, I foresee more opportunitys for more content in the coming days.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

BBTS News: Transformers, Avatar, DC, FansProject, Sideshow & More!

Hi – Here is a quick update from about a ton
of great new preorders and many more hot new arrivals.   Its been another
great year at BBTS and we truly appreciate having you as a customer.

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