Reviews posted for Toys “R” Us Troop-Builder 5-Packs

I had promised to get these posted last week, but Thanksgiving events postponed that somewhat…but better late than never, right?

Over in the Rise of Cobra Review Section I’ve posted reviews for both recently released Toys “R” Us Exclusive Troop-Builder 5-Packs:

There are more images here than you will see anywhere.

5 thoughts on “Reviews posted for Toys “R” Us Troop-Builder 5-Packs

  1. Good stuff! Can’t wait to get them! I want two Joe sets and one Cobra set. I’ve heard (maybe here) about using the Zartan disguise head on Footloose’ body to create a white Repeater, then Repeater can be repurposed as Hardball. Sounds like a good idea, plus the rest of the extras can be used as more custom fodder.

  2. Hey justin! speaking of old school folks, i know i’m asking a lot, but would it be possible for you to make the “Hall of Heroes” reviews? i’m still not sure about buying some of those, your detailed reviews help a lot.

  3. I’ll be getting both. I was thinking about using Zartan as either a new character or a desert-based greenshirt. Still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with Duke. Maybe just make up some new Cobra guy.

    My only beef is I wish Law had something to him to make look a bit more unique.

    Repeater is going to be Hardball for me. I’m using the Grunt from the TRU 3pack as Repeater

  4. Repeater, I believe, was a case of someone at Hasbro freaking out when they realized: “Oh crap! We already used the Serpentor head for another TRU exclusive character! (Speed Metal) It’s too late to choose another head! And since he’s bald, we can’t just change his hair color. We better make him African American.”

    Dialtone is another matter. When the first pics of Helix were seen, a lot of fans speculated it was a movieverse version of IDW’s Dialtone. Personally, I never much saw the resemblance. IDW Dialtone is a blond and has glasses. If anything, Helix looks more like Zarana IMHO.

    But some fans liked the idea, and Hasbro took it as a good suggestion, and worked out a quick LBC for this TRU set. So now we have a IDW Dialtone figure, who still doesn’t actually look much like IDW Dialtone. But, whatever. I use RoC Breaker as Dialtone, and plan to use TRU Dialtone

    Are there really a lot of complaints about Footloose? I can’t say I’ve really read any. Most of the complaints I’ve heard about this set center on Repeater and Dialtone. And in both cases, it cases it could have been avoided if Hasbro had just used different code names. Say, Hardball for Repeater and Firewall for Dialtone.

    I doubt in that case we’d be hearing nearly as many complaints.

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