Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Firefly revealed!

A mysterious countdown clock appeared on Sideshow’s website not too long ago, promising to reveal an exciting upcoming figure, and today they’ve delivered!  Though it’s just a glimpse, they’ve posted a pretty cool image of the upcoming 12″ Firefly right here!

With the trademark urban camouflage, and a very cool modern twist, I think this is a figure folks have been waiting for…  pre-orders are advertised for November 30th, check out the mirrored image below…


EDIT: Just got the update direct from Sideshow as well!  A full blown rock and roll Firefly gallery has been posted right here!  Holy CRAP.  What a gorgeous looking figure…

  • MekkZ

    Very nice indeed. TMP, good choice for a machine gun. Too bad I don’t collect the 12″ stuff, otherwise I would definitely get this.

  • As someone who is only tentatively dipping his toes into the 12″ Sideshow stuff (I have Snake Eyes and frankly am glad I didn’t pay full price) I have to say, this figure is rather a ‘meh.’ Not saying it NEEDS to be in original camo or design; updates are welcome. But this just isn’t working for me.

  • Neon viper

    Yeah, it does look pretty, but that’s not the look i had in mind for a 12″ figure of firefly, c’mon they could have done better; what’s with that hood? i know he handles a lot of explosive stuff, but that “unabomber” look doesn’t fit him at all.

  • Andrew Hall

    Thank you! I feel the same way about this one but was too afraid to speak up on the other websites for fear of backlash. Lol. If I collected the 12′ stuff, this would be a ‘pass’.

  • ggpike

    I’ve been an avid fan of the 12″ line, even purchasing the Waypoint 12, and I’m not really too hot on this one. Firefly was one I was really looking forward to and I just don’t get a good vibe from this one. Maybe I’ll warm up to it, but my initial reaction is less than stellar.

  • I think many of you are suffering from cool-alternate-looks-for-Firefly OVERLOAD. This 12 inch looks very nice and matches the rest of this 12 inch Sideshow assortment for being modern updates of the classic comic book characters. That being said I can understand the frustration here as Hasbro has really beaten this horse so many times it is hard to make people happy. I think Sideshow did an excellent job on the basics of this figure and gave it a pretty good shot with a very modern look, but yeah that hood is not what people were expecting. Winter Ops Firefly perhaps?

  • Mysterious Stranger

    I like it. The 25th line gave me a traditional Firefly that I love so I don’t need the same in 12″ scale. Its a great update to a cool design that I think works well. I’ll be preordering on Monday for sure. I’m also glad they didn’t reuse the Storm Shadow or Cobra Trooper heads for this one. It would have been really easy to just run the Trooper head again only in gray but they did a new sculpt which I like very much.

  • TripleCP

    I was eagerly awaiting this release based off this preview…

    …but now I’m on the fence about it.