New G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Destro reviewed at Infinite Hollywood

Infinite Hollywood has been posting some great reviews of G.I. Joe toys amongst other things over the past few months, and just put up a review for the recently released 12″ Rise of Cobra Destro figure by Hasbro.  In fact, this is the only version of a movie accurate suited Destro you’ll see on mass retail shelves.  I’m pretty surprised at how nice this figure really is.  The 12″ scale isn’t usually my bag, and the Rise of Cobra toys hadn’t changed my mind to this point, but Destro actually looks pretty neat.  I’ve got the SDCC Baroness, so I might have to snag this guy to go alongside her if I see it at retail.  Pretty cool.  Check out the review here.

  • 12″ scaled clothing sucks. period. most of the headsculpts look fine (especially ripcord’s), but its the cloth that ruins it for me.
    now if they’dve done them in all plastic, like blown-up, versions of the 4″-ers, idve bought them all.

  • Neon viper

    It’s a funny thing that his head looks like a mask all shinny and on the movie looks like a bad joke; this is one of the few cases when the toy actually surpases the cheesy special effects of the movie.

  • Thanks for the linkage.