Weekend Recap – Alpha vehicles Wave 3 high res gallery

Another nice post over on HissTank.com reveals some great images of the soon to be released third wave of Alpha scale vehicles, slated to hit in early 2010, according to the latest Hasbro Q & A.  Some very nice pictures of all vehicles and vehicle drivers.  Not really wild about any of the three vehicles, but Volcano Viper is insane!  The new Dusty is pretty freaking great, too, but Leatherneck leaves me a bit “bleh”.  Still cool to see the images, though.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Alpha vehicles Wave 3 high res gallery

  1. I cant wait for the Leatherneck set.I know hes still not like the 86 guy we all know and love but I dug the AWE Striker version and I dig this too.isnt the Polar Sharc in this assortment too?I have to have that.

  2. Well, at least if i buy this version of dusty, i’ll finally get the web gear that was missing from the dusty i got from the “arise, serpentor arise” battle pack. And of course, the volcano viper is the star of the show here.

  3. As much as I appreciate the attempt there for Leatherneck, it is still 2007 frankenjoes there. I see Gung-ho, Snow Job, Buzzer and Duke when I look at this figure but very little of Leatherneck.

  4. So does this mean that after all the current wave 1 alphas from RoC have been put on the clearance aisles, then Hasbro will restock with this lot? Hmmmm, do I see a trend and a problem here? What do you think that will do to the assortment that was due out just behind this (the Robotech-bikes?)??

  5. C’mon guys,i think it’s time to face it: we’ll never get a decent version of leatherneck, we have been waiting for one more than a year and they will all look like this one, this is hasbro’s way to tell us they won’t invest money on new molds for leatherneck; we shouldn’t hold our breath here.

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