Don’t like the new Repeater? There’s a fix for that.

Werecat over on JoeBattleLines has posted a pretty nice in depth look at some ways to get a more character-accurate version of Repeater out of the recently released Toys “R” Us Troop Builder 5-Pack.

Some nice little part swaps over some great opportunity for expanding the Joe roster.  Check out the thread right here, and some images are also mirrored below.

“Good news for those of you out there who were upset at Repeater’s needless race change. As it turns out, it’s a very easy fix to make him true-to-form, and give us a simple but effective LBC Hardball as a bonus. The only catch, is, you’ll need to buy two ‘Joe sets.

Repeater and Footloose share the same body, just with different flesh color. So if you have an extra Footloose, you’ll have a Repeater body with Caucasian skin tone. And you don’t have to worry about a proper Repeater head. Hasbro already helped us out on that angle! The extra Zartan head very much harkens back to White Repeater, because it has the patrol cap and black hair. So simply stick this head on the Footloose body, and you have an instant Repeater. You can even keep the same web gear, as it’s similar enough to the original figure in design.”

4 thoughts on “Don’t like the new Repeater? There’s a fix for that.

  1. Most of the time when somebody announces “Hey, I’ve got an LBC fix for what’s wrong with figure so-and-so,” it makes me roll my eyes. But, in this case, I must admit that really does work.

    Sadly, I feel similarly towards desert camo figures as you feel towards arctic figures; they just feel “limited” to me. Sure would love to get an authentic Repeater in jungle camo without having to repaint it myself.

  2. What bugs me is that we have to do adjustements to today’s figures to make them look right, if hasbro made the toys as they should look right from the beginning, we shouldn’t have to customize the toys right out of the box

  3. The set as it is just does not inspire me to want it any more than the Elite Operations sets that Toys R Us stores carry just across from the G.I. Joe figures do. There is nothing in it that screams, “Hey I’m unique and different, so I am worth your money!” It’s just not there, and now you’re telling me to get it right I have to buy two of them? Hmmm…. I’m not sure this works in my favor. I like the COBRA set enought to think about two, but the Joe-desert set is boring.

  4. I got the Desert set and Cobra set last night, and I’m gonna do this, but Footloose can disappear for all I care. I won’t buy two sets so I can have a Footloose, but I really do like the modifications here. So…yeah.

    Also, I imagine a good color combo for Repeater could be done with the pit trooper in the TRU diorama set…

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