Boxed images for upcoming mini-vehicle Pursuit of Cobra sets

dawg99 over at has posted a nice image of all four of the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra mini-vehicle sets mint in their boxes…and I’m really surprised.  The packaging is surprisingly nice!  For the record, this appears to be the breakdown:

  • Air Assault Glider w/ Capt. Ace (Arctic Assault)
  • RAM Cycle w/ Sandstorm (Desert Battle)
  • Jungle Terror Twin Battle Gun w/ Range-Viper (Jungle Assault)
  • COBRA Flight Pod w/ Elite-Viper (City Strike)

I’m amazed that they managed to get that Whirlwind shoe-horned into that tiny box…impressive.  If these sell for the same price as current versions, I’ll buy a few of those if I can find ’em.  Check out the image below.


11 thoughts on “Boxed images for upcoming mini-vehicle Pursuit of Cobra sets

  1. Ok, i like the the range-viper with the twin battle gun, but the RAM with sandstorm… has he the helmet glued to his head or is the helmet removable???

  2. I’m looking forward to the Twin Battle Gun the most. I’m ecstatic over the artwork on the boxes. Been waiting a long time for Hasbro to package their Joe and COBRA vehicles and equipment in boxes with artwork on the front.

  3. The artwork is awesome. The twin battle gun art is amazing!!!!
    I thought that the glider was city strike. The pilot does not look well equipped for freezing temperatures.

  4. The nice thing with Sandstorm is if the helmet isn’t removable you can probably just take the head from the POC Zartan. That Twin Battle Gun rocks. I’ll be buying multiples of that one.

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  6. Love the Artwork a lot.

    That Elite Viper looks horrible, in a charming way, like a 1990s neon G.I.joe throwback

  7. Love the packaging. Not a fan of the flight pod and its driver, or “Ace”… but I LOVE the RAM and Sandstorm and the Jungle Terror and Range-Viper (finally the Range-Viper gets fitting colors!).
    Really hope these show up somehow in my area.

  8. But hey, quick question.

    As someone who didn’t buy any 25th Anniversary toys, and has no interest in getting any… what the heck is supposed to tow that Jungle Terror?

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