Surprise Sideshow Collectibles Pre-Order: The COBRA Sniper!!

I don’t think anyone saw this coming…  Sideshow Collectibles sprang a nice surprise during their Halloween Spooktacular event…a brand new G.I. Joe themed pre-order!

The COBRA Sniper is an absolutely awesome looking dark hued COBRA Trooper with his trademark Drugonov sniper rifle and a brand new look.  Black uniform with very cool silver highlights and the Officer’s crest on his helmet makes for one cool ass looking new COBRA specialist.  To pre-order click the banner below!


A few images are mirrored below, but many more are available at Sideshow Collectibles!

3 thoughts on “Surprise Sideshow Collectibles Pre-Order: The COBRA Sniper!!

  1. Great! We’ve been clamoring for this since, since… oh wait, never! Flint! Zartan! Scarlett! Firefly! Destro! Who’s next Sideshow, Tollbooth?

  2. Wow. For so early into the use of the GIJOE license, they sure are getting their money’s worth out of that officer/trooper mold. That’s 3 releases of what’s essentially the same figure. They must be really taking notes from Hasbro releases of 3 3/4″ product.

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