Loose images of Pursuit of Cobra Target Mini-Vehicles emerge

We’ve seen other images already, but they were pretty low on detail…now HissTank.com has some loose images up which are looking at least a bit better and clearer.  Mirrored below are images for the following:

  • Cobra Twin Battle Gun w/ Range-Viper
  • Flight Pod w/ Elite-Viper
  • RAM w/ Sandstorm
  • Glider w/ Capt. Ace
  • Water Moccasin w/ Copperhead & Swamp-Viper

When Hasbro does good, they do really, really good, but when they do bad, it’s pretty bad.  And I gotta say that Glider and Water Moccasin, in my opinion, are pretty damn bad.  I mean, Capt. Ace with a moustache?  That’s Tripwire’s head anyway, so why the heck paint a fake moustache on there for a guy who’s not supposed to have one?  Or if you must paint one on there, why not just make this Slipstream?  I gotta tell you, too, I’m feeling pretty sorry for poor AVAC…he keeps getting saddled with terrible paint schemes and new specialties.  First he was a pretty bad ass red and silver, then he turns into pukey purple with the CLAW, and now he’s poop green and brown as a “Swamp-Viper”.  Enh.  Not high on my list.

The others, though, are impressive.  Love the Range-Viper and Whirlwind…that Elite-Viper in red is pretty damn cool, too, I gotta admit.  Hell, even Sandstorm with the basic Reactive Armor torso and desert camouflage pants is pretty bad ass, and he’ll fit in real nice with the Toys “R” Us Troop Builder packs.  Considering I haven’t loved any of the Target exclusive mini vehicles I’ve seen yet (except the SNAKE) these are looking really nice.  Check out the images yourself:

12 thoughts on “Loose images of Pursuit of Cobra Target Mini-Vehicles emerge

  1. I hate how they just impose the troopers specialty before the word viper and that classifies what he is. This is a cobra organization, give some real snaky names. You could call the swamp viper Cobra Cottonmouth.
    In short name tends to reflect the sucky nature of the figure.

    The Water Moccasin looks like someone went out and spray painted it.

    I like the range viper,and the elite viper looks cool, but I would like the armour to be a shinier red.

  2. The Range Viper with twin-battle gun is all kinds of badass. I’ve been wanting some of those for my HISS tanks to tow around for years now.

    I like the Crimson Elite Viper, but the color scheme looks a touch too monochromatic on the armor. Needs some camo or even drybrushing.

    Sandstorm on the bike looks really cool, but does he suffer from Charbroil syndrome and not have a head under the helmet? If so, that’s kinda disappointing…

    I kind of like Ace there, but as Slipstream, not Ace. I’ll grab an SRO Ace to use as RoC Ace instead.

    I missed out on the 25th Water Moccasin the first time around, so I’ll probably be getting that. Copperhead looks cool, but yes, the Swamp Viper looks just… poopy. A shame, because I was hoping to use him as an AVAC Squad Leader…

  3. C’mon Hasbro, you’re still on time! Cancel all this repaint nonsense of RoC and bring back the 25th anniversary line! at least the vehicles were painted right and avac didn’t look like crap.(literally)

  4. I agree with LoranBasaraEvin, I’ll be picking up two Whirlwinds to get towed by some HISS tanks. Still not sure about the Flight Pod. It’s a classic vehicle that I’ve never owned, so I might have to get one.

  5. I actually find myself liking the Boat that they have for cobra. If it is at a decent price I may actually buy one or two. The viper will end up going into cold storage though.

  6. tiger force colors would have rocked!

    everyone says the swamp viper looks like poop green but i never had poop that green, not even after a green skittle and sour apple power-ade binge

  7. “everyone says the swamp viper looks like poop green but i never had poop that green, not even after a green skittle and sour apple power-ade binge”

    I’ve got a two month old at home. I see that color all the time… :shifty:

  8. I do like some of the repaints but I’m still frustrated by the fact that three of these items are repaints of the 25th line, but Hasbro can’t give us some more Stingers or Artic Hiss’s at retail? They’re charging an arm and leg online it just doesn’t make much sense to me. Don’t even get me started about more Alley Vipers and Range Vipers…haha thanx

  9. Whirlwind & range-Viper = win

    Flight Pod & Elite-Viper = win

    RAM Cycle & Sandstorm = I’m game

    Glider & “Ace” = no way.

    Water moccassin & Copperhead + “Swamp-Viper” = I’m game. But the colors of the “Swamp-Viper” remind me of something my dog left on the grass.

  10. I’m a fairly new collector (my folks wouldn’t let me get these things as a kid). So I don’t mind getting vintage vehicles outside the two-packs (which usually have one vehicle I want and one I don’t, like the Steeler-Armadillo/Serpentor-Flying-Snake-Thingie set). I didn’t get the Breaker/Tele-viper set, for example, since I already have a Breaker figure and Trouble Bubble. So I’ll go for the RAM, Whirlwind and Water Moccasin — the figures with the latter I don’t mind too much, since I get a full and appropriate crew for the vehicle. Hey, if it’s too eye-searing I can always try converting it.

  11. I do like the more subdued Copperhead with the boat, at least. The AVAC is a bit ehh, but tolerable

    Plus I need a Water Moccassin, and considering there isn’t going to be a huge Python Patrol batch any time soon, and that I prefer this Copperhead’s appearance out of the 4 or so we’ve gotten, may as well grab it. Looks more like his namesake snake with the browns and all

    “Ace” is a total skip though

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