Latest Rise of Cobra 12″ figures spotted at retail

I haven’t really been a fan of recent 12″ Hasbro figures, but the Rise of Cobra ones are actually drawing me in, if only a little bit.  I’ve seen Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Duke, Cobra Commander, and Ripcord, and they all have some sort of limited appeal which I cannot really describe.  They still have the silly, scrawny body types, sculpted uniforms, and general goofiness, but for whatever reason, I still think they’re kind of neat.  Not nearly neat enough to drop $16 on ’em, of course.

Regardless, for those folks who are into them, apparently the latest wave has started hitting retail according jroosa030 on HissTank.  He just scored the Destro and General Hawk, and I’ve mirrored images below.  I think both of these figures look pretty neat and fit into the RoC aesthetic remarkably well.  I dig ’em.

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  1. Apparently Mars have been supplying weapons for Action Man as well…I remember a black version of the gun Destro is holding first turned up on the Sky Diver Action Man.

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