Images of upcoming third wave of Target Exclusive vehicle packs

We got a very light glimpse of this third wave of Target Exclusive vehicles during JoeCon a couple of months ago, but the images were shoddy at best and impossible to see at worst.  The sounds and overall look of the packs seemed like winners over all, but I was reserving judgement until we saw some actually legible images.

Well, thanks to HissTank, we’ve got some images now, and I am SOLD.  Capt. Ace w/ the Glider leaves me totally cold, but the other three sets all have some very nice redeeming factors, especially if these hit at the same price point as past Target exclusive vehicles.  This is what we’ve got to look forward to:

  • Cobra Flight Pod w/ Elite-Viper; Damn!  Elite Viper looks GREAT with the red armor and the red camouflage pants.  I love this look…really love it.  The crimson Trubble  Bubble is iffy, but the figure more than makes up for it.  Very impressed with this.
  • RAM w/ Sandstorm; Hell yeah.  I love the RAM, and seeing it in desert paint scheme is pretty cool, but again, it’s all about the figure.  He looks like your basic Reactive Armor Joe with the Resolute Duke helmet and some desert camouflage pants, but I think the look is still great.  The fact that the Pursuit of Cobra Zartan supposedly comes with a Sandstorm costume only furthers the “legacy” of this new character as well.
  • Cobra Twin Battle Gun w/ Range-Viper;  WOW.  I love the Whirlwind, and it looks bad ass in these Cobra colors…but what makes this set is the Range-Viper!  My favorite figure from the Defense of Cobra Island was awesome enough, even in bright blue and yellow.  Seeing it in muted grays and blacks is only more bad ass than it was before.  Gorgeous.  I cannot wait to get this set in hand.
  • Glider w/ Capt. Ace; Ehhh…  no thanks.  Basically a Slipstream repaint in strange urban camouflage with the same Glider we’ve seen several times already.  This one is a definite miss, but it’s the only one in this assortment that I’m not crazy about.

For mirrored images check below.  Very excited for this wave!

13 thoughts on “Images of upcoming third wave of Target Exclusive vehicle packs

  1. The Range-Viper is in green . . . not happy about that. The Range-Viper was the one figure from this wave of exclusives I was looking forward to the most and its green. Damn.

  2. These look great! I’m liking that red Elite Viper more than I thought I would! The Range Viper is the best, though. I’m kinda bummed I didn’t get the old colors from the 7 pack, but the green is perfect for a guy who’s supposed to be out in the brush at all times. He looks great! I’m probably gona get a couple of those, because that gun thingy he comes with is certainly gona be good in numbers!

    The motorcycle guy looks okay, and I’ll wait to see that in person. The glider is the only sure-skip, since I hate that glider and the figure isn’t that amazing. Otherwise, the Target exclusives are still pushing out gold!

  3. RAM and Whirlwind are definate buys. The other two are passes. Sure wish EE would get those Stingers shipped so I could have something to pull the Whirlwind.

  4. I wonder whose head is hidden under Sandstorm’s helmet.
    The body is a straightforward redeco of ROC Shipwreck.

    As for the Whirlwind, much like the Heat-Seeking Missile that comes with Scrap-Iron and a Neo-Viper… Why? Near as I can tell… there is nothing in the Rise Of Cobra line designed to tow these vehicles. The Steel Crusher sure doesn’t have a tow hook.

    And before someone gets on me with “25th HISS! 25th Stinger! You’re wrong!”, keep in mind I said RISE OF COBRA. Sure us fanboys will have no problem getting something to tow them, but most kids didn’t BUY 25th Anniversary toys, so they’ll have this towable thingie with nothing to tow it with.
    So yeah, this is one decision from Hasbro that’s leaving me baffled….

  5. Since the “25th Anniversary” product line has ended, you think people’d be happy that Hasbro is still finding ways for us to add to our classics collection within the RoC umbrella.

    The classics have always been Hasbro’s single attempt to include a tow hitch on a vehicle and tow-able weapons systems. Those who buy them will either play with them and forget them, or like us will have access to a larger collection that allows vehicle interaction.

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