Target Rescue Mission 4-Pack available on

For folks like me who don’t have a local Target, yet really want to pick up the Rescue Mission 4-Pack (with spandex Duke, City Strike Snake Eyes in black, and two naval Neo-Vipers), you now have your chance at

But for those of you who do have Targets nearby, and you want to know if your local store has these in stock, there’s an inventory checker as well, that will help you quickly scan those local stores and see if they have what you’re looking for.



4 thoughts on “Target Rescue Mission 4-Pack available on

  1. I wish, and I know I am totally alone in this, that Hasbro would pack in some extra plain heads in different styles for all the repeat characters like Ripcord, Duke and Snake Eyes. As much as I like the different uniforms it is getting a wee bit redundant.

  2. Actually the link to the actual store page says its not available in stores. Strange. I didn’t try the inventory checker thing though.

  3. Used the inventory checker (which claimed they were available) but when I was at the store tonight, they didn’t have any out. Although my target had their Joe single packs for $5.99, shame its all the first three waves though.

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