Some info revealed on the upcoming Resolute boxed sets

With the upcoming release of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, various events are going on in Hollywood to celebrate the release of not only Rise of Cobra, but also Transformers 2 and Star Trek on DVD and Blu-Ray.  GeneralsJoes contributor Mysterious Stranger was fortunate to catch up with some Hasbro representatives and has brought us some great intel on the upcoming Resolute items, due to be released in Fall, 2010!  These sets are still very early in the production phase, so all details are subject to change, but this is what we now know:

  • Expect 2 7-Packs, similar to the COBRA Island releases earlier this year, one G.I. Joe and one COBRA.
  • Online Exclusives
  • Every figure we’ve seen to date in pre-production form will be featured
  • Because we haven’t seen enough figures to round off two 7-packs, we can fully expect a larger cast of characters utilizing existing tooling in Resolute decos as well as repaints or reissues of previously released Resolute figures.

Of course, time will tell how this actually ends up, but from the early sounds of it, we’ve got some great Resolute stuff to look forward to next year!  I can’t wait to hear more.  Big thanks to Mysterious Stranger for the intel.

18 thoughts on “Some info revealed on the upcoming Resolute boxed sets

  1. Can anyone name all the pre-production figures for resolute we have seen so far?

    I know of Destro, Baroness (hopefully with a reduced head),Scarlet, Snake Eyes, Roadblock. Does anyone think this could include the arctic garbed CC from the comic pack?

  2. It is really a great news! But, does that mean we wont have any new resolute animation next year?

  3. Awesome News! A year… damn… but still cool!

    MS, where did you go and why didnt you take me with you! LOL.

    I dont want to see Cobra Commander or Duke in these sets but I doubt they’ll be skipped.
    If they add Zartan to the Cobra set and possibly Maj. Bludd, I’d be cool.

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  5. Carlos, it was a Paramount press event for the DVD release. Justin asked me to represent GeneralsJoes since he’s stuck on the other side of the world. A full report on the event will be posted here in a few weeks when we’re allowed.

    As for the sets, I imagine we’ll see a form of Duke and Cobra Commander in them. Not sure which forms they’ll be in but considering there aren’t 14 Resolute figures that we’ve seen I think these two are a given for the repaint treatment. Probably a Cobra Trooper as well. And honestly there are ways to make them different. Duke in his arctic gear would be my first request. And a crimson Cobra Commander would be cool if not entirely screen accurate.

    Zartan would be awesome to have in the set and I almost asked about him. Major Bludd would be fun too but only if he came with a pool of blood as an accessory LOL

  6. Just because I’m horrible at remembering things…

    How many Resolute sculpts have been made that haven’t been used?

    Destro, Baroness, Scarlett, Roadblock, Storm Shadow… that’s all I can remember.

    It just doesn’t seem like a lot, so unless Hasbro really works its butt off finding the best parts for the remaining figures and not half-ass it like they did Resolute Gung-Ho in that ROC 2-pack, I’m actually a little worried we’ll have to pay big prices for a pack with only a small fraction of worthwhile figures in it…

  7. a year? really?

    i love GI Joe, i really do. however, i will be very surprised if a year from now, there is anything Joe on any retail shelf. hope im wrong.

  8. DETH OF TEH LINE, gung.heaux?
    Last time that happened was in 1994. Fifteen years ago. Yet people keep calling it any time for any reason. Not gonna happen.

    Hasbro is perfectly capable of keeping their line alive. Especially when the Rise Of Cobra line is doing just fine.

  9. well then, I guess I’ll be importing one of each.

    Great news, especially for that excellent and definitive Roadblock.

  10. gung. have you checked out the pursuit of cobra line thats going to run from 10-11 at least joes going to be around for a long time

  11. It almost seems a shame that they are going to do this a full year after the DVD release, but there has been A LOT of new product this fall already. They are going to be online exclusives too, so it will be in the best interest of business to give the fans what they want and not to foul the sets up so badly that they do not sell well. I expect greatness. There will probably be some test shots up to six months before release… so I will eagerly await that news.

  12. I would guess maybe a Resolute Trooper, Resolute Alley Viper, and Resolute Firefly based on the TRU exclusive Firefly in the Cobra set.

  13. great news! I think i remember…Arctic Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, Storm Shadow, Ninja Training Snake Eyes, Snake Eyes (I could see them doing him again even tho he’s out in ROC), Scarlett, Roadblock, and I would bet on a rerelease of the cobra trooper with para viper goggles to match the look of the animation. Isn’t the Dragonhawk Wild Bill basically the same thing he was wearing in the toon?

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