Some info revealed on the upcoming Resolute boxed sets

With the upcoming release of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, various events are going on in Hollywood to celebrate the release of not only Rise of Cobra, but also Transformers 2 and Star Trek on DVD and Blu-Ray.  GeneralsJoes contributor Mysterious Stranger was fortunate to catch up with some Hasbro representatives and has brought us some great intel on the upcoming Resolute items, due to be released in Fall, 2010!  These sets are still very early in the production phase, so all details are subject to change, but this is what we now know:

  • Expect 2 7-Packs, similar to the COBRA Island releases earlier this year, one G.I. Joe and one COBRA.
  • Online Exclusives
  • Every figure we’ve seen to date in pre-production form will be featured
  • Because we haven’t seen enough figures to round off two 7-packs, we can fully expect a larger cast of characters utilizing existing tooling in Resolute decos as well as repaints or reissues of previously released Resolute figures.

Of course, time will tell how this actually ends up, but from the early sounds of it, we’ve got some great Resolute stuff to look forward to next year!  I can’t wait to hear more.  Big thanks to Mysterious Stranger for the intel.

Target Rescue Mission 4-Pack available on

For folks like me who don’t have a local Target, yet really want to pick up the Rescue Mission 4-Pack (with spandex Duke, City Strike Snake Eyes in black, and two naval Neo-Vipers), you now have your chance at

But for those of you who do have Targets nearby, and you want to know if your local store has these in stock, there’s an inventory checker as well, that will help you quickly scan those local stores and see if they have what you’re looking for.



Get to know G.I. Joe at

If the Rise of Cobra did nothing else, it at least served to thrust the G.I. Joe brand back into America’s consciousness, which, in this fan’s opinion, is a very good thing.  A couple of years ago seeing a G.I. Joe themed article at the Chicago Tribune would have been something I would have been shocked to see, but today, has a pretty neat flash-based retrospective on G.I. Joe’s history.

Check it out here.

There isn’t anything revolutionary or especially new to most long time Joe fans, but still cool to see some mainstream media coverage of our favorite fighting man.

W00t! More awesome Pursuit of COBRA test shot images online

As usual, Gyre-Viper over at comes through with some more sweet pictures of some equally sweet upcoming Pursuit of Cobra figures that are pretty much blowing my head clean off.  I really am not normally a big fan of arctic figures normally, but holy crap if these two guys don’t look incredible.

The Pursuit of Cobra stuff below is the Duke (Arctic Threat) and Snow Job (Arctic Threat) from early assortments of The Pursuit of Cobra slated to arrive in 2010, though common thought is that figures should start hitting retail around the holiday season this year.

These figures just look…amazing.  The bulky insulated arctic uniforms, the totally rocking accessories!  I love both of those backpacks…Snow Job’s sniper rifle is inSANE.  I also really love those snap-out wings on Duke’s snowboard.  Such cool looking stuff…initially I wasn’t going to dive headfirst into all of the Pursuit of Cobra figures, especially with the Arctic figures, but damn…I HAVE to own these.  They are incredible.

Along with the Pursuit of Cobra figures, there are also images of a Silver Mirage and Chuckles that would have likely been released in the 25th Anniversary line.  The colors on the test shot are indicative of early samples of Chuckles with the dark gray shirt, so I would imagine they were probably slated to be sold together in some sort of battle pack.  As such, I wouldn’t expect to see that to arrive in that incarnation in the Pursuit of Cobra.  Still very cool to see the images online!  Check ’em out below, and big thanks again to Gyre-Viper for sharing these pictures. – * New Products and GI JOE 25th Anniversary sale! *

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