Rise of COBRA Wave 5 found at retail! Check K-Mar–… wait… what?

Yes, you read that right.  Possibly the black hole of new toys, K-Mart has scored a nice little coup, apparently being the first brick and mortar retailer to showcase Wave 5 of G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA.  Featuring very cool new renditions of Duke and Ripcord, as well as the best 3 3/4″ piece of plastic ever experienced in human existence, City Strike Snake Eyes.

Findings have been reported on HissTank.com, and I’ve mirrored images below.  Go get ’em!



5 thoughts on “Rise of COBRA Wave 5 found at retail! Check K-Mar–… wait… what?

  1. Kmart stores just got reduced by one out here (Huzzah!…!) due to flooding. Please don’t make me go to the other remaining four before they declare they’re going out of business.

  2. Why did he buy TWO of that StormShadow!?!?

    And why is that Storm Shadow being fronted and showcased?!?

    LOL! It should be SnakeEyes or even that Duke or Rip.

  3. In this half-horse town, it’s Super Walmart or Kmart. While there are a couple blah dollar stores, next stop on the toy train is 30 miles away at a Shopko. Anywho… my point is that Kmart has always had something from all the series since the ARAH Collection in 2000… where Super Wally has been spotty.
    Makes me wonder what the kids who don’t/ can’t get out of town really have for toy options, too.
    Anyway… Kmart has always been the winner here.

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