Rise of COBRA Reviews updated – Nano-Viper and Charbroil

I’ve rounded off Wave 4 of the Rise of Cobra reviews with Charbroil and the Nano-Viper.  Check ’em out on the Rise of Cobra page, or the links below.

13 thoughts on “Rise of COBRA Reviews updated – Nano-Viper and Charbroil

  1. someone’s suffering from GIJoe overlove. that green thing, may be one of the most offensive repaints that hasbro has ever tried to cram down our collecting collective throats.

  2. obviously some code got mixed up, cuz thats not charbroil….but while were on the subject of Kamakura…that is one horrible paint job.

  3. I agree regarding the outdated specialty of flamethrower; ironically I would prefer to use Charbroil as another firefighter to help Barbeque.

    For some reason the Nano-Viper repaint reminds me of Electric Eel. I enjoyed the mini diostory you made for him. But as a figure, he ranks low on my interest list.

  4. Neither one of these figures match very well to their written intentions for the RoC universe, which is so far par for the course for the H, but they do have plenty of appeal if you have a broader imagination. The Nano-Viper should have been a specialty Neo-Trooper like a Swamp Viper or something and Charbroil makes a great old school Charbroil, but if you wanted to slip this one into the RoC he’d have been better as Airtight, Sci-Fi, Fast Draw or Drop Zone.

  5. The only good thing about figures like the nano-viper? i’m saving a lot of money not buying horrid toys like these!

  6. I like Charbroil’s color scheme, so I’ll proably get ’em ’cause of that. I’ll find some other use for him, since I’ve never been a fan of the flame troopers anyhow (savefor Ice Cream Trooper, who is too hilarious to ignore).

    The Nano-Viper is a cool green, at least! I don’t know if I plan on getting him or not; gotta save money somewhere, ya know? We’ll see, though.

    Thanks for the review of these two! They were the only two I wasn’t planning on getting originally.

  7. I picked up Charbroil. He’s a pretty cool figure. No plans on getting the Nano Viper. Granted I said that about the Crimson Viper until I decided they’d make Cobra LA troops… now I have 3 :)

  8. Charbroil is definately on my list. Wasn’t planning on grabbing Nano-Viper but I mighht. Just need to figure out how he’ll fit into my Joe-Verse. Maybe as a replacement for Neurotoxin or Cesspool?

  9. The Nano-Viper is an oddity, at least in terms of his choice of accessory.

    Just what are those redecoed vines supposed to represent with him? Nanomites? Nanomites doing what?
    I’m just baffled here.

    Charbroil has potential, but sadly a flamethrower has no use in modern warfare. The only flamethrowers used in ROC were to keep water pipes from freezing in the MARS underwater complex.

  10. So, what I’m getting here is that it’s okay for a Drednok to have a flamethrower but not a Joe???

  11. Dreadnoks don’t exactly follow the Geneva Convention rules of warfare and are anarchists. Torch uses fire and his cutting torch to cause confusion, mayhem, destruction and fear. Charbroil and Blowtorch are leftovers from the Korean War when all good platoons had a ground burner to flame the jungles. The trouble moreover with being a flamethrower operator is that he is often the enemy sniper’s favorite target (Korean War vet told me) as a good hit on his tanks will take out most of the platoon.

  12. Um….yes? Are Dreadnoks military? I think what Justin is getting at is that, now-a-days, there isn’t as much need for a flamethrower trooper in the military. Dreadnoks are a bunch of nutballs that get things done on accident and enjoy destroying things, so it makes sense that someone is gona be carrying around a flamethrower just because it’s cool (or because his name happens to be Torch and he can’t imagine not having something to go along with his name).

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