Some nice loose images of upcoming Wave 3 Alpha Vehicles

Over at familiar pre-production fan Rulz has come up with the entire third wave of upcoming Alpha vehicles, and has kindly posted a number of images of said vehicles.  The assortment includes the Polar Sharc Sub w/ Ice Storm, the Cobra Lava Pod w/ Volcano Viper, and the Tiger Claw ATV w/ Leatherneck.  Personally, for as much as I love the Rise of COBRA, I do feel like the vehicles have been somewhat lacking, especially the Alpha class stuff.  While the Snarler and the Skysweeper were both pretty cool, I’m not wild about the Rockslide, the Molepod, or the Cobra Snake Trax.  Now, only in the third wave, we’ve got another Molepod, and another ATV Ferret repaint, with a Rockslide repaint coming with Dusty in Wave 4.  It’s getting a bit silly.  Dealing with repaints and mixed tools in the figure line is one thing, but paying $18 for repaint vehicles 2 months after they were released the first time is really pushing it.

But as mixed as I am on the vehicles, the figures are actually looking pretty damn good.  I love the Rollbar and Air Raid from the Snarler and Sky Sweeper.  Ice Storm and Volcano Viper both really kick ass, too.  I even think the upcoming Dusty looks spectacular.

But this post is about Wave 3 isn’t it?  :shifty:

The Polar Sharc Sub actually looks really neat, so I think that one is a home run all around.  Ice Storm is an awesome looking new figure and new character to boot.  The Volcano Viper has some serious potential, but I really didn’t dig the Molepod the first time around, I especially don’t dig the Lavapod repaint.  I will say the Tiger Claw looks a lot cooler than the Snake Trax, though…but Leatherneck doesn’t offer a whole lot of new stuff to love, even in the jungle camo.  Maybe I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

4 thoughts on “Some nice loose images of upcoming Wave 3 Alpha Vehicles

  1. That Polar Sharc Sub is pretty cool. They had me sold from the convention dio and seeing more pics just locks it in for me.

    The others… meh. Might get a Tiger Claw for Leatherneck but the vehicle itself is not really wowing me. And the —-Pod just does nothing for me in any of its configurations. That Lava Viper though… wow.

  2. Volcano viper is obviously the winner here, though it looks as if he doesn’t fit at all inside the lava pod, what sense does it make to put them together? anyone knows if he fits right?

  3. No figure fits very well into the Mole Pod, save the Baroness perhaps. It is an awful execution of an interesting concept. I would like the Mole Pod a LOT more if it were dressed up with some Sigma 6 2.6/DTC ports & plugs, a magnetic coupling harness and a special edition of a 3.75 scaled Sigma 6 Dragonhawk. The thing screams “Drop me on target!”

    Anyhow… the Volcano Viper is interesting, but the TRU 5-pack set with the Pod is the best value for it. The others of this assortment will be seeing my money, but I’d rather have them cost a bit le$$ for their size (or include a second figure).

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