Tiger Force Roadblock pre-production sample revealed!

notpicard, the lucky Joefan who got his hands on an unreleased Training Snake Eyes figure has come through again with another gem, this one quite possibly more desirable than the last.  Through sources known only to him, he was able to get a full paint sample test shot of the unreleased Tiger Force Roadblock!  This long rumored figure was originally thought to come as a single pack in Wave 15 (judging by silhouettes on the back of Wave 14 carded samples).

Until now, however, no actual samples had ever been seen.  Well, thanks to notpicard and the guys at JoeIntel, we can now get our first glimpse at this figure…check out the thread here, or the images I’ve been allowed to mirror below!

One has to wonder that if he managed to get this figure, what else is out there in unreleased form?  Some of the rumored Python Patrol figures perhaps?  I, for one, look forward to the revelations!

6 thoughts on “Tiger Force Roadblock pre-production sample revealed!

  1. Same for me, DrSyn. I only bought the one with the green jacket and gray pants because I like that design….it’s still hard to get past that baby head. I’m so glad they are bringing out the Resolute version in some way (in that Walmart pack). I may even get two of those so I can use the head for that version of Roadblock I was talkin’ about above.

  2. I am actually glad this one wasn’t released. The hands and the pea-sized head make it unconvincing as an example of where things have been and where they should have gone with the line. If it had been Resolute Roadblock it would have made more sense, and I would feel the loss.

  3. i never liked tiger force. wasnt fond of the whole tiger pattern. only reason i got the ones i did back in the day was cause i missed the original versions

  4. My god hasbro didn’t even change the hands ughhh I’m glad the 25th/classic stuff is gone

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