Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe 2nd Edition – Contest Winners Announced!

I know it’s been a really long time coming, but I finally am ready to announce the two winners of the Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe (2nd Edition) contest that I ran a little ways back.  There were so many great entries that it was really tough to choose the primary winner based on the submitted articles.  But I’m happy to announce that the winner of the “Which Era is your Favorite” entry is:  Scott Nacey!

He submitted a great essay about the Real American Hero line, and really broke down each era and subset of G.I. Joe very nicely.  I will be posting his great article next week.

In second place was an email that was chosen randomly, who will also get a copy of the Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe (2nd Edition), and to choose that winner, I required some assistance…

So, the winner of the second copy is…  James Strickland!  I will be notifying the winners via email shortly to get mailing addresses, etc…  I want to thank everyone who submitted articles and entries to GeneralsJoes’ first contest.  Congratulations to the winners!

To any folks who didn’t win, it’s still available for a great price at Amazon.com!

Brian’s Toys Newsletter Update

Master of the Universe collectors can find the Classic Carded Teela
available now at Brian’s Toys!  A wonderful selection of rare Vintage
AFA items, including the POTF carded AT-AT Driver and Nikto, are ready
to be swiped up by collectors.  Looking for another Interactive R2-D2
in different packaging?  Sure you are! Finally, pre-order the
Gamorrean Guard Bust from Sideshow.

For a list of our featured Newsletter items, go to www.brianstoys.com

For the complete newsletter go to

Final Reminder – Sideshow Spooktacular custom contest entries due today!

Anyone who wants to try and run off with the Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Cobra Commander  needs to submit their custom entry today!  You’ve got until midnight tonight, so get crackin’!  To check out the full details of the contest, click here.

Boxed images for upcoming mini-vehicle Pursuit of Cobra sets

dawg99 over at HissTank.com has posted a nice image of all four of the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra mini-vehicle sets mint in their boxes…and I’m really surprised.  The packaging is surprisingly nice!  For the record, this appears to be the breakdown:

  • Air Assault Glider w/ Capt. Ace (Arctic Assault)
  • RAM Cycle w/ Sandstorm (Desert Battle)
  • Jungle Terror Twin Battle Gun w/ Range-Viper (Jungle Assault)
  • COBRA Flight Pod w/ Elite-Viper (City Strike)

I’m amazed that they managed to get that Whirlwind shoe-horned into that tiny box…impressive.  If these sell for the same price as current versions, I’ll buy a few of those if I can find ’em.  Check out the image below.


Don’t like the new Repeater? There’s a fix for that.

Werecat over on JoeBattleLines has posted a pretty nice in depth look at some ways to get a more character-accurate version of Repeater out of the recently released Toys “R” Us Troop Builder 5-Pack.

Some nice little part swaps over some great opportunity for expanding the Joe roster.  Check out the thread right here, and some images are also mirrored below.

“Good news for those of you out there who were upset at Repeater’s needless race change. As it turns out, it’s a very easy fix to make him true-to-form, and give us a simple but effective LBC Hardball as a bonus. The only catch, is, you’ll need to buy two ‘Joe sets.

Repeater and Footloose share the same body, just with different flesh color. So if you have an extra Footloose, you’ll have a Repeater body with Caucasian skin tone. And you don’t have to worry about a proper Repeater head. Hasbro already helped us out on that angle! The extra Zartan head very much harkens back to White Repeater, because it has the patrol cap and black hair. So simply stick this head on the Footloose body, and you have an instant Repeater. You can even keep the same web gear, as it’s similar enough to the original figure in design.”

Surprise Sideshow Collectibles Pre-Order: The COBRA Sniper!!

I don’t think anyone saw this coming…  Sideshow Collectibles sprang a nice surprise during their Halloween Spooktacular event…a brand new G.I. Joe themed pre-order!

The COBRA Sniper is an absolutely awesome looking dark hued COBRA Trooper with his trademark Drugonov sniper rifle and a brand new look.  Black uniform with very cool silver highlights and the Officer’s crest on his helmet makes for one cool ass looking new COBRA specialist.  To pre-order click the banner below!


A few images are mirrored below, but many more are available at Sideshow Collectibles!

Toys “R” Us Troop Builder 5-Packs available online at TRU.com!

Thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for letting me know that ToysRUs.com currently has the two brand spankin’ new Troop Builder 5-Packs available for ordering through their website!

They retail for $19.99 each…I just placed my order, and it was $45.00 for the two of them including shipping.  Pretty good deal, all told, for ten figures.  There are no images in the listing, so just be aware that Trooper Builder 5-Pack 1 is the G.I. Joe one, and Troop Builder 5-Pack 2 is the Cobra one.  Go get ’em.

Target: Rescue Mission 4-Pack Review Posted!

Hot on the heels of the Toys “R” Us Attack on the Pit review comes the follow up review for the Target exclusive Rescue Mission 4-Pack.  While it doesn’t have as many figures, or quite as much value, I think the set itself has a whole lot more “cool factor” than the TRU one.

Check out the review right here!

See the Iron Klaw Trooper in action – buy G.I. Joe: Resolute at Amazon!

Folks were fairly bummed about the cancellation of the Resolute themed comic packs that were slated to hit earlier this year before things went up in smoke, but  various retailers like Amazon.com and Walmart.com have made the comics available through exclusive download programs.

Well, Amazon.com is at it again, with a great deal for G.I. Joe fans.  Pre-Order G.I. Joe: Resolute from Amazon.com and you get a download code for yet another digital copy of one of the cancelled comic pack Comics, this time featuring Iron Klaw Trooper vs. Crimson Trooper!  Not only that, but Resolute is cheap at Amazon as well, coming in at just $13.99.

Check out some images below of the DVD box art as well as two preview pages from the digital comic.