Sideshow Collectibles giving Joe fans Christmas in September.

I’ve been a bit behind posting some news updates as I had to go through a marathon 25 hour laptop upgrade project for work over the past two days, but hopefully I’ll start catching up.  First order of business is that for longtime Joe fans who are in love with the vintage look, Sideshow Collectibles continues to put out exceedingly impressive product.  In the past two weeks, reports have come of the COBRA Trooper shipping to folks who ordered it, and just yesterday a poster at HissTank reported that Storm Shadow arrived!

These items are pricey, but they are fantastic, in my humble opinion.  I’ve only had a chance to pick up Snake Eyes so far, but if he is any indication of the quality of these items, vintage fans are going to have a pretty sweet display shelf of 12″ greatness coming forward.  In a recent Q & A, Sideshow even confirmed that they have a Battle Helmet version of COBRA’s notorious Commander in the works!  Anyway, if you’ve missed out on any of this stuff, you haven’t necessarily missed the boat. Both items are currently sold out, but Sideshow’s wait list has given collectors some great second chances in the past.  Click the banners below to get on the list for the COBRA Trooper and the Storm Shadow!

Cobra Trooper 12-inch Figure

Storm Shadow 12-inch Figure

5 thoughts on “Sideshow Collectibles giving Joe fans Christmas in September.

  1. I think I’m picking both of mine up this weekend. I know my comic shop guy got me the Trooper and maybe he’ll have Storm Shadow as well. I’ll try to get you some pics if everything works out.

  2. That would be awesome! I’m dying to see more about this great Sideshow stuff, I just can’t work it into the budget…

  3. I thought i missed out on stormy since i put a wait list in on 2/28/09 yet i just got the email saying he is on his way:) other than the commander, duke i have only gotten waitlist figures hey if its a wait list and i get it it was meant to be right? So when duke gets here next year i will have the commander,duke, trooper, stormy and maybe an officer. Not sure i will ever own snakeyes since i spend to much money else where to go looking on ebay fro him:)

  4. Well I got my Trooper today. Storm Shadow should be in in a couple weeks so that works out well for the wallet. Dropping $200+ on 2 figures in a day had my heart doing palpitations.

    Justin, I’ll see if I can get you some pics this weekend. You get first dibs on my shots since you’re not getting any of these. I think you’ll be impressed with the Trooper. I opened the shipping box just to sneak a peak and man is he one angry looking mo-fo.

    First impressions are that the blue is almost too bright. But that’s in package and not next to Cobra Commander who I’m hoping he matches exactly. If so I might be hunting down a second one of these guys. Can’t have Crimson CC with 2 CGs and regular CC with only one trooper. The lack of symmetry would drive me insane!

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