City Strike Snake Eyes reviewed!! Night Adder, Kamakura, etc… as well

I’ve been getting a smattering of new assortments at my house coming here and there and have posted some reviews for your consumption!  The highlight is by far Snake Eyes (City Strike) so he gets top billing, but that’s not all that I’ve got posted.  I also slightly revamped the Rise of COBRA Review Page because I wasn’t especially happy with the layout.  Check out the reviews below!

  1. Snake Eyes (City Strike)
  2. Kamakura
  3. Night Adder
  4. Red Fang Ninja

Is City Strike Snake Eyes as good as everyone thinks he is?  Yes, yes he is.

11 thoughts on “City Strike Snake Eyes reviewed!! Night Adder, Kamakura, etc… as well

  1. Very cool all around!

    There’s a tattoo on Night Adder that looks like Panthor or Battle Cat without armor, at least I think so.

    And it’s like, I don’t need, but, I like that Kamakura a lot more after staring at it here. I much prefer it over the green power ranger look.

  2. Cool reviews. But 6/5 for the new Snake Eyes???? Sure, he’s cool, but…. c’mon. He’s not better than the original or 85 version Classic remakes. Though he comes with better accessories.

  3. Hawkwinter – I couldn’t disagree more. He is WORLDS better than those two figures, in my honest opinion. Those figures are relatively bland black swathed Commando/Ninjas in spandex or standard military gear…this version has layered armor, two-part webgear, an awesome modern style facemask, and a ton of great weapons, not to mention better overall range of motion, and a much more 21st Century design aesthetic.

    To each their own, of course, but I prefer this Snake Eyes heads and shoulders above those two versions. I was never really big on the ’85 version anyway, though.

  4. Soooo, let me get this straight… there’s actually excitement for a blue-colored storm shadow only because hasbro only slapped the name of kamakura???

  5. Wow, that Snake Eyes totally deserves his ranking, that figure looks sweet!!!!!

    I have to track down two. One to keep preserved behind an immortal card and plastic box, and one to carry with me everywhere I go!

    Could we get a shot of the back of the box please.

    Is that new computer console/lab, behind the Resolute team, a part of your upcoming dio?

    And great reviews all around! Thank you!!


  6. Great reviews, keep them coming Justin!

    I’ve seen you go all crazy fanboy in the past on some really mediocre stuff that came out during the newscuplt days, but I think in the case of Snake Eyes it is justified. My one gripe is I wish the colors were darker, but I can’t deny the figure is excellent. I wouldn’t have thought a low-slung sword would be cool until after I saw Resolute.

    You should have shown a picture of Red Fang with that ridiculously huge gun, he would probably look like the old Saw Vipers.

  7. At last!!!! A Kamakura review!

    Ugh I wait with rapt anticipation to buy this figure for myself! It looks fantastic!

  8. Kamakura looks really cool except for the feet. I don’t know what it is but the ninja figures with their feet wrapped all up like that bugs me. I mean other than mummies, who does that?

    The ninja flip flops on the 1st 25th Storm Shadow and the subsequent repaints bugged me too.

    Maybe it’s just me.

  9. Justin – Hmmm, I guess I’ll have to see him in person. In these review pics the black and bluish/grey just don’t mesh very well and give him a very “mish-mash” appearance. Though the detailing and gear are awesome. That is why I’m kinda skeptical about it. But like I said, I will have to see him. Some figures don’t look as good in pics as in person, while others strangely look really cool in pics but don’t live up to my expectations when I get them. In fact, most of the new RoC Joe figs look like their heads are way too big in the pics, but don’t seem that way at all on my display shelf, so who knows. He’s Resolute, so I’m buying him no matter what anyways.

    Then again… weren’t big on the 85 version?????!!!!??? lol. That’s like sacrilege isn’t it? Don’t let the guys over at hear that. ;)

  10. I’m not feeling it where Snake Eyes is concerned. In fact, while Rise of Cobra got me back into the small Joes, I don’t care for any figure from this series except Night Adder.

    That’s good, though; I can’t buy anything from here anyway, so this’ll be less catching up when I come home next summer!

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