G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Blu-Ray Disc Preorder on Amazon.com

Amazon has officially posted the Pre-Order for the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Blu-Ray disc.  They don’t list a release date, though current hypothosis is November 3rd based on listings from the Canadian branch of Amazon.com.

Hopefully the theatrical release breaks 300 million before it even hits DVD…that would be great.

United Kingdom sees the Rise of COBRA universe continue in Panini comic books

According to a few different sources including Sparky on JoeBattleLines, the European publisher Panini is distributing a brand new comic book in the United Kingdom continuing the G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA mythology, including free gifts in the package.  Information on this development can be found at Lew Stringer’s blog, and there’s even an interview with the writer of the comic on Down The Tubes.

GeneralsJoes has also acquired some page scans of the comic, and you can check them out in the gallery below!

Where can a guy get some cheap sandbags?

So I’m continuing my work on my various sets for the upcoming Darkness Falls dio-story, and in the COBRA Foyer, I want 1 or 2 gun emplacements by the far door.  Well, in order to make up some emplacements, I want to get some sandbags.  Now, Build-A-Rama has some terrific looking sandbags in stock, but I really can’t bring myself to drop $30-40 on sandbags for a couple of emplacements that’ll be used in only a couple of scenes.

Anyone have any ideas?  I know Power Team Elite’s got some, but I can’t find any online anywhere.  Not sure I want to buy the Wal-Mart Outpost Defender just for the sandbags either (since neither Roadblock nor Tripwire does much for me).

Any ideas out there at all??

O-Ring fans rejoice…Funskool is distributing G.I. Joe figures again!

Well, don’t get too excited…there doesn’t appear to be anything new on the way, but with thanks to this thread from YoJoe, it would appear that India toy distributor Funskool is once again producing o-ring style G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero figures for distribution.  This eBay auction is for a Quick Kick, and the back of the card (with a date stamp of May, 09) can be seen below.

Pretty cool news.  Even if nothing new is coming out, it’s always good to see some o-ring stuff making it’s way to retail again, even with the sketchy Funskool quality.