Very cool retro style G.I. Joe and COBRA artwork

A big thanks to Mysterious Stranger for pointing this out to me via my Twitter feed!  Dave Perillo has posted a couple of very interesting pieces of art on his site, Montygog’s Art-O-Rama, featuring very stylistic G.I. Joe and COBRA caricatures.  I’m loving ’em!  Check out the G.I. Joe one here, and the COBRA one right here.

Darkness Falls update – more set building wrapped up

It’s been a bit of a challenge getting time aside to continue construction on the COBRA Foyer, but slowly but surely it’s coming together.  Sure, some of the seams are visible in the rock wall, but that will be easily resolved with Photoshop during post-production.

Base is all foamcore, with scrapbook paper walls and floor, plus a catwalk constructed out of balsa wood, bass wood, and some black paint.  The latest treasure trove I found was at a hobby store…AM Models produces an HO Scale “stone wall” that comes in pieces to be assembled, and I used those small stones as the stones surrounding the arches, which came out pretty nicely, I think.  I also included some figure pictures for scale.  Some serious hot glue clean up is required before I wrap this all up.

Left to complete is the two doors, stone trim around the base of the walls, and a pair of stone columns in the middle of the floor.  I need some COBRA wall decorations and some other little trimming.  It’s not stellar, but it’ll work.