High Res product images for latest wave of Alpha class vehicles

Awash with repaints and retools, the next wave of Alpha Vehicles consists of a mostly blech repaint of a mostly blech vehicle, the Lava Pod, however, the Volcano-Viper looks all sorts of kick ass.  Pretty funny how he uses the same tooling as the arctic Ice-Viper, yet the ultra-hot weather specialist still looks right at home.  A bad ass head sculpt and mask don’t hurt.

The Rockslide is no great shakes either, but the digicam Dusty looks pretty nasty as a great modern update for the familiar old favorite.  Hopefully the final version comes with his head scarf, I can’t recall if we saw it during the various convention photo shoots.  My least favorite of this underwhelming trio is the TigerClaw, a haphazard repaint and retool of the already haphazard Snake Trax w/ Scrap Iron.  But what really bums me out here is the vehicle driver.  If they’re going to give us a Leatherneck in green camouflage, couldn’t they at least have made it a pure homage to the ’86 version, rather than this strange dark forest camo?  At least that way they’d make the old school folks happy…instead, we get a bizarrly kitbashed version that is unchanged from the original other than a different camouflage scheme that still doesn’t look like the right camouflage scheme.  The figure isn’t really a bad one, I guess…he does have some neat military elements, but I can hear those complaints coming a mile away.

Ah, well, at least he’s got the fixed Duke arms.  Check out the images below.

3 thoughts on “High Res product images for latest wave of Alpha class vehicles

  1. The lava pod looks pretty cool, but what is with the blue missiles on the Rockslide. Your going to skim across the desert with blue missiles attached to your craft?

    You gotta do better than that Hassie!

  2. Can’t complain about the volcano-viper, he’ll make a fine toxo-viper; i’ll complain about the rockslide though, i need the dusty webgear that didn’t came with the “arise, serpentor arise” dvd pack; and will deffinitelly complain about the tiger claw, i want leatherneck, dammit, not a frankenstein gung-ho.

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