Wave 4 Night Adder…with BLACK Tattoos??

Chrysophylax over at JoeCustoms manages to get his hands on a lot of toys early over in the Philippines, and this is no exception.  To the best of my knowledge, no one has seen anything about a Wave 4 Night Adder with tattoos in black instead of blue.  At least I know every picture I’ve seen so far had blue tats, but maybe I’m behind the curve on this one.

Anyway, has posted a nice round up of all the tattoos and an exhaustive gallery, and I’ve hosted the images below.

3 thoughts on “Wave 4 Night Adder…with BLACK Tattoos??

  1. i have a large problem with Night Adder being a black man.

    NO, its not what youre thinking. i actually love the fact that hes intended to be black–but look at him next to roadblock…theres no mistaking marvin’s ethnicity. that night adder…i had no clue he was black (not to mention shirtless) until i read it over at terror drome this past weekend. his skin looks metallic, kinda silver-greyish. now i couldnt explain what was going on with those “tattoos”, but, based on early pics, i would NEVER had pegged him as a shirtless tattooed character.

  2. I see what you are saying now about the dark black skin and the tatoo coloring. The pictures make the blue tatooed figure look metallic, as in an optical illusion. The black tatoos on the dark skin however are much more convincing and a better color overall.

  3. I’m not using Night Adder as a black man, but rather Modern Era Sand vipers. No black man is that color. Ever!

    He might be black underneath that shirt, I don’t know.

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