Rise of COBRA Wave 4 Pictorial Reviews at Terror Drome

The Terror Drome continues its impressive streak if pictorial reviews for recently released Rise of COBRA toys with 4 out of the 5 figures from Wave 4!  These are just hitting retail now, only having been spotted in select Toys “R” Us across the country.  Every figure except for the Nano-Viper is featured.

I’ve also hosted a number of the great images below.

The winner of this wave is far and away, the Night Adder.  Love the tats (COBRA La!  Sweet!), love the use of the Roadblock tooling, and just love the overall attitude.  He could definitely give Croc Master a run for his money.  But I especially love the new characters and new “history” we’re seeing woven into the movie line, too.  It’s like the “glory days” of Spy Troops and Valor Vs. Venom all over again.  I know there aren’t many fans out there who would consider the new sculpt age as the “Glory Days” but for those of us who value story and characters as highly as great toys, those were cool times.  We were seeing NEW G.I. Joe history written on a daily basis, and getting new things to incorporate into our Joe universe, and I feel the same way here.  It doesn’t hurt that the toys are really kick ass as well.

Still not sold on Charbroil.  He actually looks a bit cooler to me without the Blowtorch vest, but overall kind of a “bleh” figure.  Kamakura rocks my world, too.  I actually really like his short stature, too, it accentuates the “apprentice” angle, making him look quite a bit younger than a lot of the other Joes.  Red Fang Ninja is hit or miss.  I like the idea, not crazy about the MARS Trooper base figure for a ninja (especially one that’s supposed to be freelance), but the use of the Resolute Trooper head sculpt and the Comic Pack Storm Shadow webgear is pretty interesting.

All in all, a repaint heavy wave, yet still some nice new elements, just like Wave 5.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m itching for some really new stuff when the Pursuit of COBRA comes, but considering the techniques, I think we’re getting some very neat stuff even with the repaints.

3 thoughts on “Rise of COBRA Wave 4 Pictorial Reviews at Terror Drome

  1. An interesting note, not the first time the IG/MARS Trooper body was turned into a ninja, remember the Black Dragon figure from the Ninja DVD Pack? Not saying that was a great figure, I just find it interesting that it’s sort of happened again.

    I would absolutely call the new sculpt years glory years, for the same reasons you gave. I love all these new characters that were created, and was kind of sad when the 25th stuff came out, awesome as it was, since I figured a lot of those characters were gone. Nice to see a return to that, Kamakura is one that I’m definitely looking forward to. Night Adder is pretty sweet and unique as well.

  2. The following comments are about the Night Adder.

    Could they have lightened his skin tone? I know he’s black (African American for you P/C lovers)but he is really, really unnaturally black. This is not a racist comment!

    What’s with all the Tats? I can understand some of them but the others look cobbled together. It’s like he got his hands on some temporary tattoo sheets and decided to go all-out. What’s with the stars and Cobra La, how was he even associated with them? Maybe a variant version is set to come out with a different set of tattoos.

    Kamakura looks pretty cool.

  3. Ya-Ya brotherhood: “What’s with the stars and Cobra La, how was he even associated with them?”

    It’s not Cobra-La, It’s Cobra LA. Which means he’s from Cobra’s Southern California operations.

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