BBTS News: New Sale!, Star Wars, Comic-Con, Astroboy, GI Joe & More!

Hi – Here is a quick update from about more
new arrivals, new preorders, and our latest clearance sale!


For this sale, we have a bit of everything – 30 individual items with
meaningful price cuts, 10 menus with price reductions up to 50% –
including some Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, Halo & more.   We’ve also
put an across the board 10% discount on all of our toy menus.   Everything
except ‘New’ and ‘Preorder’ items are eligible and the 10% price
reductions are listed on the site.  Take a look at the main sale menu


The immensely popular wave of vehicles that includes the Ghost Hawk with
Lift Ticket, Arctic HISS with Arctic Driver, Claw Glider with Stratoviper
& Flak Cannon with Outback and Stinger Jeep with Stinger Commander is back
in stock at $69.99.   This assortment is only available directly from Asia
in large quantities and this is likely the last shipment we’ll be
receiving.   Take a look here:

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New installment of G.I. Joe Meets the Transformers Dio-Story posted

Long time visitors to GeneralsJoes know that my site used to revolve around Joe-related “dio-stories”…unfortunately, mostly due to my own time constraints, that has changed a little bit.  However, I still absolutely love dio-stories and I’ve been hosting Self-Modifier’s G.I. Joe Meets The Transformers Dio-Story for a long time now.

Well, I’m thrilled to report that he has sent me a new installment!  Volume 4 of G.I. Joe Meets the Transformers has now been uploaded to the appropriate section (which can also be located in the dio-stories drop down menu above).

Check it out!  Good stuff.

Toys “R” Us COBRA 5-Pack images online

Rulz over on got his hands on the upcoming Toys “R” Us Exclusive COBRA 5-Pack (to go along with his G.I. Joe 5-Pack) and has posted images here, which I’m also mirroring below.

As cool as the G.I. Joe 5-Pack is, I find the COBRA pack pretty underwhelming.  Sure, it’s great for army builders, since there are few changes to any of the troopers within (save for Elite-Viper’s COBRA symbol), but I’m not crazy about those two MARS Trooper/Officer figures, and I certainly don’t need a sixth Neo-Viper necessarily.  I wouldn’t mind another Elite-Viper, and that infiltration Duke is completely bad ass, but I don’t see myself paying $20 just for those two figures.  I’ll probably crawl eBay and see who’s dumping that Duke and keeping the troopers.

Interesting that the Joe set seems full of creative thinking and new characters, while the COBRA set just seems to be rehash central.  But again, for an army builder pack, maybe that’s what folks want in a COBRA set…we’ve already got plenty of Skittle-Vipers as it is.  :shifty: