Wave 4 and Wave 3 variants are hitting retail at Toys “R” Us!

Paul Ernst from the Fighting 118th has reported that Rise of COBRA Wave 4 as well as the Wave 3 “The Doctor” and “Arctic Storm Shadow” variants have hit retail at his local Toys “R” Us in California!  He also posted images, which I’ve mirrored below.  The hunt continues…

5 thoughts on “Wave 4 and Wave 3 variants are hitting retail at Toys “R” Us!

  1. AGH! I wish I knew about that maskless variant of AA Storm Shadow earlier! Ah well. Perhaps I’ll throw the comic pack Storm Shadow’s gear (from the pack with that awesome Firefly with the red goggles) on this one and then buy the maskless one for an accurate end-of-movie-showdown Storm Shadow.

    Also: That Nano-Viper is hilarious. What the heck is supposed to be? Not that I care, really, since he’ll be whatever I want, but I still think the package is hilarious. Just getting attacked by vines’n such.

  2. I’m probably never going to find those in my area. Joe was selling pretty good for awhile and all the stores overcompensated by overstocking the first 2 Waves. Now the isles are plugged up via Indiana Jones.

  3. is that the green goblin from spidey III?

    seriously though….i promise this to all of you…i will not be buying the last of any of these, save for night adder and kamakura.

  4. I have a trick, It has worked for me many times,
    Go to toys r us right when it opens on thursday morning.
    I used that trick last week and got The Doctor,Arctic Snake and Arctic Storm Shadow, and Accelerator Suit Duke.

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