Nice review and some images for upcoming Wave 4 Charbroil

Over on, chrysophylax got a hold of Rise of COBRA Wave 4 Charbroil, and has posted a pretty neat mini-review with a nice handful of pictures.  I’ve mirrored those pictures right below.

This figure I’m pretty lukewarm on.  There are some neat parts…I love the idea of the COBRA Commander chrome head underneath the helmet to make the goggles look reflective.  That’s actually really neat, though it obviously affects the helmet removal.  The Blowtorch vest over some of the Resolute parts works nicely, though, and gives the figure a somewhat unique new look.  Vintage purists will rant that he looks nothing like Charbroil, but I’ve got no issues with that.  The figure has grown on me somewhat, but is still probably one of my least favorite of Wave 4.

9 thoughts on “Nice review and some images for upcoming Wave 4 Charbroil

  1. Meh, the RoC Flash figure doesn’t look like the vintage one and it’s still a great figure. I look forward to finding Charbroil.

  2. Eh… Army flamethrowers have been an outdated concept since even before the original Blowtorch was even released… The DOD as a whole has not used flamethrowers since 1978.
    I just can’t see myself finding a use for this guy in my ROC-verse.

  3. This is one of those times when the new sculpt is an improvement over the vintage. Looking forward to getting this figure in the mail.

  4. The picture where you have Blowtorch besides the new Charbroil is a painful reminder of how backwards things are going. The 25th stuff was the top of the line and it seems they’re just scrambling now trying anything and everything to find a direction. As is, each wave looks more and more cobbled together with random stuff.

    Most of the stuff that they’ve shown from here on in won’t get my dollar which is too bad. This could of gone very differently as in general I’m not against new ideas, and was full of excitement at the new designs we got when GIJoe vs Cobra hit (where most people were freaking out about a lack of O-ring), but this new stuff all looks so drab. I guess it’s the “realistic” look….lol.

    So far I’ve only spent 17% of the money I spent on Joe toys last year. And besides 5 figures and 2 vehicles, I don’t see myself spending nay more this year either.

  5. I’d have to disagree about Blowtorch being so hot (excuse the pun). It looks like the original, sure, which I liked when I was 6, but now I find the figure looks kind of laughable, and while I don’t really want either of those, I’d take blowtorch first.

    Some of the previews lately have looked really good, like the next Zartan & the jungle viper & Recondo. I’ll definately be keeping an eye out for those and the Cobra Fury/Rage. Probably a few more, but I don’t have a huge toy budget these days, so I’m okay with half or more of the released figs not appealing to me, as is the case now, though Helix and some of the vipers are nice. More than that are good, but once I have a great version of a figure I don’t try to pick up newer ones unless they are much better, so I won’t be getting any Snake-Eyes or Cobra Commanders, for instance, even if they are nice.
    Just my 2c.

  6. I remember that in my 11th birthday, i got the original charbroil, and even though his face was pretty goofy-looking, i liked him a lot; although his helmet always seemed like a beaver to me, don’t know if anyone else thinks the same? anyway, i like this one, can’t help but wonder if he would have gotten a different tooling if he were on the 25th anniversary line? he looks fine, i guess, but it would have been a lot cooler in the 25th anniversary. Sorry guys, but i just don’t see the “coolnes” of the ROC designs, in my opinion, they are cheesy designs based on a cheesy movie; i’ll take ice cream soldier 25th anniversary design over accelerator-max-steel-rip-off-suit-duke any day.

  7. Its an interesting re-use of parts, but having a vest with no air-hose is weak. Especially when you see figures like Jet Pack Ripcord, the fact that Charbroil doesn’t come “properly” equipped is annoying. I’ll probably get him though.

    I do have to say that the joe flame troopers look like firefighters.

    The only place I hear of flame troops now is in Warhammer 40K.

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