Some Catch Up work – A look at some recent “Alexx Shorts”

JoeBattleLines and JoeSightings member Alexx  always has a really unique look at the Rise of COBRA figures as they hit, and gives us some really neat images to go along with it, and his enthusiasm hasn’t slowed one bit since the line hit!  In fact, he’s been so enthusiastic that I haven’t been able to keep up with his frenetic posting.  He’s a machine.

However, I do feel like I should at least take some time and focus on a few of his more recent entries because they’re so awesome.  His stuff can be found on, as well as the Mission Debriefing section of JoeBattleLines.  Anyone who isn’t checking that stuff out is missing out on some really neat perspective and insight.

Enough butt kissing…

General Hawk (Single Pack)

This figure is so freaking cool.  So understated and very underrated, but one of my favorite figures in the line.  It’s perfect in its simplicity, with a great accessory compliment and some very nice, basic design work.  I really, REALLY love this figure.  I love it a lot.

Grand Slam w/ Air Assault Glider

You know, I pretty much wrote off these Target Exclusives, but for some reason it didn’t occur to me that Grand Slam had the new lower legs.  Not only that, but the Ace headsculpt is a very nice difference compared to the Flash one.  Sure, it’s reused, but at least in the Original 13 group shots he’ll still stand out.  I think I have to pick this one up now.  Thanks a lot, Alexx.  :shifty:

The Doctor

I don’t think I need to tell anyone how bad ass this figure is.  I thought the figure was pretty neat as it was, but the awesomely campy performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt only further cemented the character (and figure) in my mind.  A “must have” for the Rise of COBRA, no doubt.  Even you vintage purists should find a way to work him into the line as a deranged scientist who works alongside Dr. Mindbender.

Paris Pursuit Baroness

From the minute I saw this figure, I knew I’d dig her more than the regular one, and I was right.  Just got mine in the mail today from HasbroToyShop, so haven’t had a chance to do the full blown review, but expect good words.  Very nice figure.  Very nice.

Pit Commando

This figure is currently the bane of my existence.  One of the only Rise of COBRA figures I have yet to hold in my hands.  I have two on the way from HasbroToyShop (finally!) but beyond that I haven’t had the pleasure of messing with this figure yet.  I plan on doing a crazy intensive review once I can.  I know the base figure is just Dusty, but I am just antsy as can be waiting for all that awesome looking gear.  What a fantastic way to do a “Accessory Set” without actually doing one.  Kudos to Hasbro on this guy, I love him and I don’t even have one yet.

10 thoughts on “Some Catch Up work – A look at some recent “Alexx Shorts”

  1. Thanks for posting these, Alexx’s sense of humor is what makes these enjoyable. I loved the hair swapping for The Doctor.

    I wonder how many people are going to be brave enough to cut up Baroness’ coat tails like that.

  2. More pics of the Pit Commando, making me want it even more. Between Wal Mart, Target, and TRU I’ve had no luck finding that one, despite finding others from the same wave. gah!

  3. I don’t think people should be afraid, Pentastar! I only cut the parts of the coat that already had creases in the “leather”, so the cuts just go with the grain of the coat. The only exception is the two cuts in the back, but they are so thin that it doesn’t hinder the representation. Honestly, once people do the cut, they will be very happy with the added range of motion!

  4. My problem is I had resolved NOT to buy many of the figures from the RoC collection, and then Alexx did those reviews. I just wanted to have as much fun as it looked like he was having, now I am hip deep in more action figures.

  5. Hey Alexx, I’m not disagreeing or saying the modifications would be difficult…just thinking about all the purists who are afraid the “value” of their figure will suffer.

    I just noticed how much the Paris Persuit Baroness looks like Trinity from The Matrix in some of the pictures you took. That’s pretty cool too.

  6. Pentastar: I gettcha! Yeah, if anyone was worried about the value of the figure, then they probably aren’t all that worried about how the articulation works. And thanks; I hadn’t thought of the Matrix look! Now that you mention it, a simple headswap with someone who looks like Trinity would just about finish the look; no painting!

    Blacktron: You know this is ALL to sell toys to you, man. If other people jump on board, that’s just icing on the cake. Once YOU are full of RoC toys, though, I will be content. MWAHAHAHAHAHAH *cough*

    Newton Gimmick: Your review of that Star Wars robot is gona do the same for me! I had my eye on that one, and I’m trying to keep it to just Joes. I haven’t seen the Target price raise yet, but if I do, I’m wondering if I’m gona find myself doing the same…

  7. yeah, you guys rave all about the pit commando, baroness and the doctor; but as purist as i am, i’m completely in love with the new version of grand slam, he’s awesome, the new lower legs and head completely separate him from flash, this is what hasbro should keep doing: improving on their previous figures, and maybe we could have a much better version of breaker?

  8. I got The Doctor figure today, looked like a cool figure, and I’ve been wanting to build my CobraVerse a little more.

    As of now, The Doctor is the man with the plan when it comes to B.A.T.s! (I don’t see me getting Hotwire any time soon, although eventually I would like to add him)

    I’m running my JoeVerse in a direction I had started years ago. The Doctor fits in with my (mostly) classic GIJOE collection pretty good. His ‘terror claws’ (I miss my Skeletor) have that rather advanced/ refined robotic look to them. I’m thinking of pairing him with Dr. Taggart to further advance the Cobra B.A.T./ robotics program. Plus, I think the disfigured Doctor Lewis would fit in my Cobra philosophy, where a talented person wants the money and power to do what he wants. He may have been a good guy at one point, perhaps he was simply underfunded by private, corporate, or government agencies in his journey towards solving a life problem; Cobra can help!

    Anyway, unlike Helix, I’m kinda pumped about adding a new character figure into my classic collection.

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