HasbroToyShop has new vehicles in stock and ready to go

Thanks to JoeBattleLines for pointing out that HasbroToyShop.com has the following vehicles in stock and ready to ship:

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Wave 5 High Res Images up at TNI

Toy News International has posted some very nice high res images of the upcoming 5th wave of Rise of COBRA single packs.  These figures look to be kicking off the “Pursuit of COBRA” theme, as they are broken up into Arctic Threat, City Strike, Desert Assault, and Jungle Battle sub teams.  A lot of these figures are using existing parts, and honestly, I was pretty “meh” about this wave when I first saw it…but man, it’s growing on me.  Duke, Snake Eyes, and Ripcord are especially kick ass.  Storm Shadow did nothing for me at first, but closer looks makes him a bit more interesting…he’s more than just a Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes repaint, and I find myself more curious to check him out than I thought I might be originally.  The line up is as follows:

  • Storm Shadow (Arctic Threat)
  • Duke (City Strike)
  • Snake Eyes (City Strike)
  • Desert-Viper (Desert Battle)
  • Ripcord (Jungle Assault)

The Resolute Snake Eyes is, of course, the star of the show, by far.  I really love Ripcord, too, though, and he works great as a desert version of him who fights alongside Duke at the beginning.  A pretty cool line up, especially after my feelings were so mixed initially.

Wal-Mart Exclusive 2-Packs sort of available online

Wal-Mart.com has posted the upcoming exclusive 2-packs up for sale on their online store, however they sold out very quickly.  Sometimes they have a tendancy to relist, though, so check out the links below to see if any of them are still available!

Marauder “Gun Runners” I.D.S. Action Figure Stands on sale now!

Displaying figures came to the forefront with the Anniversary line, as Hasbro started including display stands with every figure.  Yet, as with the vintage stands, they are static, rectangular, and just never seem to be the right size to fit every display.

Marauder to the rescue, as usual.  There was a special premier of these at JoeCon 2009 last weekend, and now they are up for sale at the site itself.  These awesome action figure stands feature a very unique interlocking design to basically build a platform of stands that is extremely versatile and infinitely useful.  Not only that, but each stand has a peg for the new Anniversary/Star Wars/Rise of COBRA peg holes, but also has a peg for the vintage style as well.  Great stuff.

Check out some images mirrored below, and pick up a set of 20 for $12.99 here!