Toys “R” Us Exclusive Senior Ranking Officer 3-Packs found at retail

Paul Ernst from has found the Toys “R” Us Exclusive Senior Ranking Officer figures at a local Toys “R” Us, and reports about it on his site here.  They retail for $14.99, and look to have some pretty nice repaints in the packs.



7 thoughts on “Toys “R” Us Exclusive Senior Ranking Officer 3-Packs found at retail

  1. Man! These Toys R Us exclusives are always way cool, and you know why? Because the closest Toys R Us is 14 hours drive from where I live. 14 hours!!! And that’s not city driving, that’s open road, so you can imagine how far that is.

    I always end up paying a small fortune to get these things.

    This time around, the GIJoe one looks the most interesting. Would like to have a few of that Grunt, looks like a great generic trooper for the Joe side.

  2. I’m too mostly interested in that Grunt figure, even if he is a bit plain looking, but hey, it’s Grunt, he usually looks kinda plain. Too bad I’m not really looking for a Sgt Stone repaint or any Joes in those accelerator suits :-/

  3. The original ROC 3-pack was in the 20-something price range, and we’re getting this for 15 bucks?

    Anyway, it’s a pass for me.

  4. Target loves Grand Slam and Toys R Us seems to have they’re own standard trooper in Grunt, at least they could have chosen a non-MP based figure that could stand OR sit. The Speed Metal figure should at the very least have been given the Accelerator Armor Duke weapons, and he is Serpentor, ain’t he?

    Well the G.I. Joe team set seems to have a few misses in it, but the COBRA set is plainly golden awesomeness. And as for the pricing, you have to remember that the single figures alone retail for $7.99 each so this price is on par. Remember all the toys you buy today suffer from the manufacturers cost in buying petroleum products last Summer at prices near $200 a barrel (when your gas was $5+ a gallon) when purchased to stamp out yer toys.

    That being said… For an $8 figure I’d at least like all the wiz-bang accessories and legs that can extend for sitting or kicking… especially since we are minus three big oversized missile launchers in each of these sets.

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