Some nice close ups from JoeCon 2009 at JoeBattleLines

JBL staffmember MadMac41 hit up Kansas City alongside Fred, and he got his own share of some pretty nice close ups on the display floor.  Check out some of his nicely detailed shots here, or also mirrored below.

4 thoughts on “Some nice close ups from JoeCon 2009 at JoeBattleLines

  1. wasn’t supposed that by 2010 the 25th anniversary line would return? hasbro lied?

  2. What? No, no promise like that was ever made. Did folks really think that after a big movie launch Hasbro would just automatically go back 25 years rather than further utilize the film back story and style? That wouldn’t have made much sense.

  3. After the movie, how could they go back? I can see offerings here & there, a bone occasionally or even only as Club sets, but Rise of COBRA bringing us Pursuit of COBRA only makes sense. The four panel teaser from the Con with each region and Gen. Hawk in the center very much reminds me of the old annual catalogs from the 1980s. This may be 25 years on, but it is like they picked up right where they left off. This formula beats the heck out of the disjointed re-boots since 2002, and the 25th line with all it’s good still had no storyline to keep it together beyond fan memory. RoC/PoC has backstory, ongoing story and developing story to propel it forward. Some time in the near future…

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