G.I. Joe: Firefight fan-based Trading Card Game strikes while the iron is hot!

Anyone who has visited my site for a while knows that while I don’t have much time to monkey with it, I’m a big fan of the G.I. Joe Trading Card Game.  It came out a few years ago, and didn’t last long, but collecting the cards was a blast, and I’ve loved tracking down the hard to find stuff as well.

But perhaps the best thing to come out of the G.I. Joe TCG was that it spawned G.I. Joe: Firefight and Call to Valor, a fan-based creation that has taken the foundation of the Trading Card Game and ramped it up to the max.  With custom fan art, new rules, new twists, and awesome intertwining themes, they’ve created full card expansions that are absolutely amazing!

And they’re not asleep at the wheel with the Rise of COBRA, either.  To celebrate the film, G.I. Joe: Firefight has produced a special custom 12-card set featuring Rise of COBRA characters and themes.  While the art is pulled from different promotional sources, and isn’t fan based this time around, the production values are still outstanding, and the cards are just great.  Awesome work on their part.

Click here to check out this terrific expansion set, and once you’re there, keep digging, because there are some serious kick ass expansion sets for fans of all eras of G.I. Joe.  You won’t regret checking it out.

More JoeCon Hasbro Roundtable Panel Videos

JoeCzar from JoeCustoms.com has updated the JoeCon Videos with parts 2 and 3 of the Hasbro Panel.  Check out all three parts embedded below.

The Cobra Collection Blog has pictures of upcoming COBRA Senior Ranking Leaders

Toys “R” Us is coming out with a flood of store exclusives over the next year, including a pair of Senior Ranking Officer 3-packs, one from the COBRA side, one from G.I. Joe.  The COBRA side features a very cool Destro repaint that is actually a nice version of how he appears in the console video game.  There’s a great Elite-Viper and Neo-Viper as well (though the Neo-Viper is labelled as a Viper Commando for some weird reason).

Anyway, check out the nice post at the COBRA Collection Blog, and I’ve also mirrored a TON of images below.  I’m really liking this set!

Great in hand images of new COBRA Security Officer Night Adder

Over at Hisstank.com, Rulz has gotten his hands on an upcoming Night Adder, and was cool enough to snap some great pics.  This is one AWESOME looking figure.  Wow.  Every time I see images of this figure I get more excited for it, a very neat looking new COBRA character.  Check out the thread here, or the images mirrored below.

Jungle Assault Ripcord and COBRA Fury Images online

Toyssir98 has posted some images on HissTank.com of the upcoming Ripcord (Jungle Assault), Toys “R” Us Exclusive Bench Press, and the COBRA Fury w/ Alley-Viper.  Check out the images in this thread or mirrored below.

Some nice close ups from JoeCon 2009 at JoeBattleLines

JBL staffmember MadMac41 hit up Kansas City alongside Fred, and he got his own share of some pretty nice close ups on the display floor.  Check out some of his nicely detailed shots here, or also mirrored below.