Reviews posted for Steel Crusher and Cobra Gunship

I’ve been so focused on getting figure reviews done, that I hadn’t really had a chance to roll out any vehicle reviews, but that changes today.  Just added the Steel Crusher and Gunship to the Rise of COBRA Review page.


6 thoughts on “Reviews posted for Steel Crusher and Cobra Gunship

  1. Awesome pics as always!
    That gunship still makes me feel underwhelmed for the price, and I haven’t seen the movie, yet. This could be a good match for the Sky Hawk, maybe?
    Steel Crusher has looked solid since I saw (I’m not a humvee fan of any kind, really), maybe if it’s not on sale.
    Do you think it’s possibly the most “M.A.S.K.”-like vehicle ever in the GIJoe line, or is it just me? (Jackhammer II anyone?)
    Either way, unlike the Patriot Grizzly, where after someone shot some awesome pics a few years ago, I will not go buy one of these (right away, anyway).

  2. Man, if the motor viper was just thrown in on the steel crusher, it means that the cobra stun was in the works for the 25th anniversary line? Damn you, stupid rise of defeated cobra!!!

  3. I dunno, gung.heaux…I got the impression he thinks it is a silver torpedo.

    Even before seeing the movie, I wanted to like the Gunship, despite its small size. And I think I could, if it wasn’t for two things: The price, which is unacceptable for such a small toy. But it’s really the chin gun that ruins it for me, as it’s so tiny and it only swivels side to side (like how I hate that the chin guns on my Dragonfly are the solid ones that only swivel). If the Gunship goes on sale or clearance, I’ll get one to customize and hopefully fix some of those problems.

    The Steel Crusher is a great looking toy. The size issue actually bothers me more there; I have so many 1:18 scale cars, I wouldn’t be able to use this in a scene with any of them without it looking…like a toy.

  4. Well… you guys are complaining about the price tags on those things. Sure, that may be a bit steep for the U.S.
    Now get this: I live in Germany and picked up a Steel Crusher when I was in the States recently. Back home I was shocked to see how much you have to pay for it at a german Toys R Us. It costs 40 Euros. That’s more than twice the U.S. price! So I think you can’t really complain.

    Oh, and by the way: Remember the hook device that comes with the Baroness? It fits right into the tiny handles on the gunship. Just like in the movie (desert ambush). Now that’s cool!

  5. Well, my german friend, don’t complain that much, here on mexico, on the big department stores those vehicles round about 800 pesos; kinda like 70 dollars! so we have to wait a long time for the prices to drop down or buy them on the gray market, which still costs about double the U.S. prices.

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