Catching up – More info from Hasbro Panel at JoeCon 2009

Still playing a bit of catch up today and yesterday with JoeCon intel as I was on the road for a lot of the excitement, then ended up at work until after midnight with a Firewall/Switch issue.  When it rains, it pours…

Anyway, a spontaneous Hasbro round table was held yesterday in conjunction with the Rise of COBRA panel, and they showcased a lot of images of upcoming 2010 exclusive items, mostly available at Toys “R” Us and Target stores.  They also talked about some “zipcord” figure/vehicle sets intended for the kids’ market, but those vehicles will come with fully functional Pursuit of COBRA action figures in them.  They are listed as follows:

Rip Attack Zipcord Vehicles

  • JetStorm Cycle w/ Snake Eyes
  • Tiger Snake w/ Street-Viper

Target Exclusives

  • RAM w/ Sandstorm (the Joe that Zartan kills and disguises himself as!)
  • Trouble Bubble w/ Elite-Viper
  • Glider w/ Ace
  • Twin Battle Gun w/ Range-Viper (a darker colored Range-Viper from the 7-Pack?  SOLD!)

Toys “R” Us Exclusives

  • Single Pack Doc (Arctic Threat)
  • Single Pack Shipwreck (Arctic Threat)
  • Sting Raider w/ Copperhead and Swamp-Viper (Swamp-Viper is an AVAC in green)

And in perhaps, some of the best news of the panel, Hasbro revealed they are retooling the Sigma 6 2.5″ Iron Hammer mechs to fit the full sized figures!  Hell yeah!

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The panel also discussed Shadow Tracker, who is a COBRA tracker who refuses to use guns, and only uses melee weapons.  He was conceived of to work with Jungle-Vipers, who are all macked out on nanomites, and use advanced technology to pin down their targets, then Shadow Tracker goes in to finish them off.  A very cool team, and an absolutely bad ass looking figure.

12 thoughts on “Catching up – More info from Hasbro Panel at JoeCon 2009

  1. Shadow Tracker has me getting a major G.I. Joe Extreme vibe for the ex-SKAR agent Quickstrike. Now I sound like someone else out there screaming for BLOOD!


  2. I hope Hasbro is considering using other S6 vehicle designs for 3 3/4″ scale use. Especially the Firebat, Street Razor and Night VAMP. The Night VAMP I actually hoped Hasbro would use as the basis for a new COBRA Stinger.

  3. oops, never mind. You were talking about the dude with the camels. That dude was a Joe?

  4. I’m glad there is plenty of 25th stuff I still need to get. I like the current movie toys on the shelf, but this new stuff is getting pretty silly.

  5. Agreed. There are a handful of decent figs in all this new stuff, but most of it is just really “out-there” and has next to nothing to do with GIJoe.

    Guess my massive 25th armies are getting another year of recruitment :D

  6. I’m always pumped to see arctic figures. I’ll definately collect the Joes. As far as the rest… Recondo, Beach-Head… very nice. I’ll be sure to grab. There rest… we’ll see.

  7. I guess this was the disgraceful outcome we’ve come to expect regarding the infamous movie. remember those awful days when kenner released like 8 billions different-colored batman figures that never appeared in the movies, or any cartoon, or comics? well, the same thing will happen to our beloved joes. i can already picture some: “neon night attack low-light”, “deep-sea combat ace”, waffle-throwing waffle viper and “battle talking snake-eyes”.

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