Updated info from GI Joe Collectors’ Club Roundtable

The JBL folks are on the case at the GIJCC roundtable with some information about Club offerings for 2009 and 2010!

  • 2010 Club Incentive Membership figure is…  BIG LOB.  Quick, someone cancel my membership!  :shifty:
  • Lots of O-Ring tooling has been destroyed. 
  • Adventure Team vs. Dr. Venom set is STILL COMING!  Anniversary construction
  • Adventure Team FANG coming in the set.
  • Mutant Flytrap for Dr. Venom
  • Spy Troops Battle Blitz recolored as Adventure Team vehicle
  • If sales warrant it, MANTIS sub for final Adventure Team vehicle
  • COBRA “MANTA” Squad is potentially coming, o-ring tooling.  4-figures divided into 2 sets, but no real other details

That’s it for the moment…pictures to come soon, hopefully.

5 thoughts on “Updated info from GI Joe Collectors’ Club Roundtable

  1. “Lots of O-Ring tooling has been destroyed. :(” Not deliberately I hope? I know a lot was damaged…

  2. The club stated that Hasbro asked them, at the beginning of this year, which molds they wanted to keep. The club’s answer was all of them of course. Hasbro told them it was easier to recreate a mold than it was to fix a rusty pitted one, let alone pay for storage on old molds.
    Someone asked which molds were left, and the response by the club was that they weren’t going to let that information out. Just becasue a mold is available, doesn’t mean that it is usable. (for example, the mauler exclusive from tanks for the memories) They suggested there would be some sort of backlash towards the club if it was leaked that a certain mold was available, and not being considered for an exclusive. I personally can understand their point of view on this. I do think it seemed a little “overplayed” as a reason to start creating more modern sculpt exclusives, however, they did say several times that they intend to keep o’ring fans happy.

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