Some more images emerge from G.I. Joe Convention in Kansas City

Another busy household day today, so coverage is a bit late, but I’ll be making up for it tonight, hopefully…  ;)  For now, just wanted to report that JoeBattleLines has posted some more VERY nice images from the Hasbro display floor.  These new images include:

  • COBRA Commander (Mail Away)
  • Duke (in Training Gear from the Rise of COBRA)
  • Shadow Tracker (new COBRA Native American jungle expert and tracker…BTW, he’s made from 100% pure kickass.)
  • Snow Job (or mainly his weapons)
  • Storm Shadow (Jungle Assault)
  • Zartan (Desert Battle)

I’ll be collecting a bunch more information from the Hasbro round table today and getting something comprehensive up, probably late tonight.  Another late night!

  • Holy hell, Justin. Just when I thought I could move away from joes they go and KICK SO MUCH ASS!!!

    This burst of creative figure making is JUST what this stagnant line needed!!

  • T-800

    Shadow tracker looks like an extra from Predator, neat idea though.

  • Cobra Commander

    I love the Zartan figure. But god dammit, when I heard new mask for the Cobra Commander figure, I should have known not to get my hopes up. Epic phail.

  • DistantFred

    Jungle Storm Shadow has really good gear, and serves my needs well (the only Cobra logo is on his glider! Woo!)… But I HATE the fact that he’s wearing a shirt the exact same colour as his skin. I really, REALLY hope they fix that by production.

    Zartan and Shadow Tracker are great; the Neo-Viper head in trans-green is BEAUTIFUL.

    Snow Job is I think, the LEAST exiting figure they showed off this weekend. Very, very bland aside from the head and gear.

    FINALLY, a movie Duke I actually don’t want.

  • Nas

    Shadow Tracker looks really cool, and seems to be a throwback to a character in the Devil’s Due WWIII comic, a rogue Range Viper who tried to hide out in the Outback after actually quitting Cobra. What a badass.

  • The Peak

    Feeling a definite “Raptor” vibe from Desert Zartan. I like that.

  • Anon.E.Moss

    Wait,wait,wait! We get a character with Dreadlocks and cool gear, and it’s not Resolute Stalker???
    As stoked as I am, I feel a little disappointed that we may never see him. Hopefully those other figures might cheer me up!


  • That glider that comes with Storm Shadow looks like the glider Snake Eyes used in Resolute when he jumped out of the plane and skimmed across the water on his way to killing some Cobra Troopers

  • Wow great looking figures my nephew and I are going to have a blast with thes$e!