JoeCon 2010 Arrives next spring in Providence, Rhode Island!

Announced during the Casino Dinner, The International G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention in 2010 will occur April 29th – May 2nd and will be in Providence, Rhode Island!

Considering I’m on the East Coast, all I can say is W00T!! 

I’ll start saving my pennies now.

10 thoughts on “JoeCon 2010 Arrives next spring in Providence, Rhode Island!

  1. Oh my god I’m so excited! Too bad I have another convention in Boston four weeks earlier, BUT WHATEVER. I WILL NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY. The last time the Transformers convention was in Providence, I was at a different convention on the other side of the country. =/

  2. This is probably the closest a Joe Con has been to my area in years, so I may have to find a way of going.

  3. Finally one closer than usual so I wouldn’t have to fly and could actually scrounge up enough money to go, and it’s during finals week. Why so much earlier next year?

  4. BillyAwesome, no, they announced at the 2004 convention that the next convention was going to be in MN.

  5. That’s alright, I would like to go and hope to have the opportunity next year!
    After a few years of watching the convention events online (save for 2005), it always seemed like announcing the next location was something that was delayed for a good amount of time after the convention was over.
    It’s good to know, though. It’s so much easier to line of things now, instead of Nov/Dec…Jan, etc.

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