Images from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Panel!

The Collectors’ Club panel has just ended, and Fred from JBL has posted the pictures online already!  Check them out here, or mirrored below.

9 thoughts on “Images from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Panel!

  1. I LOVE THE IDEA OF BIG LOB, theres one joe ive always wanted, Probally in the minority on this one but its definately ONE I would want

    as for the Adventure team stuff, cool too, Love what they got planned and thats coming from someone who has been bashing the club for a long long time on the CST set.

    thank you GICC

  2. I’d be interested in Big Lob in Anniversary Tooling, but this one…ugh.

    Yay Doc Venom!!!

  3. LOL on the face that guy makes when they show Big Lob. It’s like he’s thinking, “This is supposed to be an incentive figure??” LOL

    So many people have clammored for a Doc.Venom figure and it is about time!


  4. @ Letal

    Big Lob was a recruit in the original G.I.JOE animated movie. I don’t know if he appeared after that. Never got a figure though.

  5. @ Blix King
    Tsk for the info… the last time I saw the animated movie… I was probably at the age of 11… Talk about a obscure figure. I wonder why they never release any of the brasilian figures… I am from Brazil.. and I was a “little” upset to se 4 argentinian (blergh!) figures as con esclusives… and none from Brazil… what a blast would be if they made a Cobra de Aço or Felino… and they have the parts for them… I wonder if Estrela has the rights over the names…

  6. Big Lob’s figure looks to be a mash-up of figure parts from Ambush/Sidetrack legs, GungHo v3 arms and a Mercer head. As for the torso, I wouldn’t know.

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