JoeCon 2010 Arrives next spring in Providence, Rhode Island!

Announced during the Casino Dinner, The International G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention in 2010 will occur April 29th – May 2nd and will be in Providence, Rhode Island!

Considering I’m on the East Coast, all I can say is W00T!! 

I’ll start saving my pennies now.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA plummets in Box Office standings, but future is still bright

Deadline Hollywood Daily and Box Office Mojo report that G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA dropped over 60% at the Box Office this Friday compared to last Friday, mostly due to the lack of midnight screenings, and the fact that District 9 is hitting the male audience very hard this week.  Many of the online pundits are raising their glasses and toasting the “failure” of The Rise of COBRA to maintain a strong showing, in spite of it’s rocket launch last weekend, but I’m not especially concerned.

Even with the drastic drop off from last Friday, Rise of COBRA is projected to earn a potential $24 or $25 million this weekend, which would bring the domestic total very close to the $100 million mark, and combined with fairly furious international returns, by next week, G.I. Joe could break the $200 million barrier worldwide.  Granted, Paramount has said they want $350 million to guarantee a sequel…that number looks a bit out of reach, but you never know.

I think if the film can come close to $300 million worldwide with a writers’ strike script, and some quick-cut edits right up to the last minute, I think Paramount will be willing to give it a second shot with a much more polished production and much more involvement with the COBRA side of things.  Not sure I’d bet on Stephen Sommers returning, but only time will tell.

G.I. Joe Origins #6 5-Page Preview

Phil from JoeReloaded has let us know that he has posted a 5-page preview for G.I. Joe Origins #6 right here.  Of course, I’ve also mirrored it below.  Scarlett is the focus of this one…

Images from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Panel!

The Collectors’ Club panel has just ended, and Fred from JBL has posted the pictures online already!  Check them out here, or mirrored below.

Pursuit of COBRA SuperPage has been LAUNCHED!

My Rise of COBRA SuperPages seemed to be pretty popular, so I’ve already kicked off the Pursuit of COBRA SuperPage, but it’s still in the very early stages.

Check it out here and please let me know if you have any additions or questions.

Updated info from GI Joe Collectors’ Club Roundtable

The JBL folks are on the case at the GIJCC roundtable with some information about Club offerings for 2009 and 2010!

  • 2010 Club Incentive Membership figure is…  BIG LOB.  Quick, someone cancel my membership!  :shifty:
  • Lots of O-Ring tooling has been destroyed. 
  • Adventure Team vs. Dr. Venom set is STILL COMING!  Anniversary construction
  • Adventure Team FANG coming in the set.
  • Mutant Flytrap for Dr. Venom
  • Spy Troops Battle Blitz recolored as Adventure Team vehicle
  • If sales warrant it, MANTIS sub for final Adventure Team vehicle
  • COBRA “MANTA” Squad is potentially coming, o-ring tooling.  4-figures divided into 2 sets, but no real other details

That’s it for the moment…pictures to come soon, hopefully.

G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of COBRA SuperPage

The theme from 2010 has been unveiled, and it’s G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of COBRA.


Wave 5, 2009 – Due Late 2009

  • Desert-Viper (Desert Battle)
  • Duke (City Strike)
  • Ripcord (Jungle Assault)
  • Snake Eyes (City Strike)
  • Storm Shadow (Arctic Threat)

Wave 1, 2010 – Due January, 2010

  • Destro (Arctic Threat)
  • Duke (Jungle Assault)
  • Ice-Viper Elite (Arctic Threat)
  • Ripcord (Desert Battle Flightsuit)
  • Snow Job (Arctic Threat)
  • Storm Shadow (Jungle Assault)
  • Zartan (Desert Battle)

Wave 2, 2010 – Due February, 2010

  • Cobra Commander (Jungle Assault)
  • Duke (Arctic Threat)
  • Firefly (City Strike)
  • Heavy Duty (Desert Battle)
  • Jungle-Viper (Jungle Assault)
  • Recondo (Jungle Assault)
  • Scarlett (City Strike)
  • Snake Eyes (Arctic Threat)

Future Release

  • Beachhead (City Strike)
  • Duke (Training Gear)
  • Shadow Tracker (Jungle Assault)

Mail Away Offer

  • Cobra Commander on COBRA Card Packaging


Alpha Vehicles – Wave 1, 2010

  • Armored Panther w/ Outback
  • Cycle Armor w/ Ashiko (This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!!)
  • HISS Scout w/ Sand-Viper
  • Cobra Ice Cutter w/ Snow Serpent Officer

Bravo Vehicles – Wave 1, 2010

  • Cobra Fury w/ Alley-Viper Officer
  • Snowcat w/ Whiteout

Bravo Vehicles – Wave 2, 2010


Echo Vehicles – 2010

  • Sandstorm w/ Star-Viper

Some more images emerge from G.I. Joe Convention in Kansas City

Another busy household day today, so coverage is a bit late, but I’ll be making up for it tonight, hopefully…  ;)  For now, just wanted to report that JoeBattleLines has posted some more VERY nice images from the Hasbro display floor.  These new images include:

  • COBRA Commander (Mail Away)
  • Duke (in Training Gear from the Rise of COBRA)
  • Shadow Tracker (new COBRA Native American jungle expert and tracker…BTW, he’s made from 100% pure kickass.)
  • Snow Job (or mainly his weapons)
  • Storm Shadow (Jungle Assault)
  • Zartan (Desert Battle)

I’ll be collecting a bunch more information from the Hasbro round table today and getting something comprehensive up, probably late tonight.  Another late night!