G.I. Joe Convention 2009 Hasbro Marketing Panel – 2010 and beyond

Lots of stuff planned for 2010, and Hasbro covered a huge amount of it at their 2010 Marketing Panel.  Folks from The Terror Drome and JoeBattleLines were both there and provided up-to-the-minute coverage via Twitter and Cover It Live!  This is what we know:

  • 45 Figures and 15 Vehicles planned for 2010
  • 4 Themes for the year, Desert, Jungle, Urban, and Arctic
  • Bravo 2010 Wave 2 HISS Tank! – Treads Move, HISS Body “pops up”
  • Wave 5 2009 Figures
    Ripcord (Jungle Assault)
    Duke (City Strike)
    Snake Eyes (City Strike)
    Storm Shadow (Arctic Threat)
  • 2010 Figures – Different Environments
    Snow Job (Arctic Threat w/ nasty sniper rifle)
    Storm Shadow (Jungle Assault – Resolute body!)
    Destro (Arctic Threat w/ Water Shooter and frosted head??)
    Zartan (Desert Battle, almost looks like Raptor)
    Elite Ice-Viper
    Ripcord (Desert Battle w/ Delta Suit “next gen” for Air Operations)
    Snake Eyes (Arctic Threat w/ new sculpt Timber)
    Duke (Jungle Assault, looks like one of the guys from Predator)
    COBRA Commander (Jungle Assault)
    Jungle-Viper (Sniper, lots of elements of old school Night-Viper)
    Recondo (Jungle Assault)
    Scarlett (City Strike – Resolute Scarlett body)
    Firefly (City Strike – Some elements of Wraith)
    Heavy Duty (Desert Battle)
  • Ice Cutter COBRA Vehicle w/ Snow Serpent Officer
  • Hiss Attack Scout w/ Sand Viper (HISS Tank w/ no armor?)
  • Armored MotorCycle w/ Ashika (new character) – CYCLE TRANSFORMERS INTO ARMOR!  COOL AS ALL HELL.
  • Armored Panther w/ Outback
  • COBRA Fury w/ Alley-Viper Office
  • Snow Cat w/ Whiteout
  • Sand Serpent w/ Star-Viper (Night Raven repaint)
    New Breastplate, new helmet/mask
    HISS Drone comes with it

I’ve mirrored a sampling of round table images below…more to come from the sales floor!

9 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Convention 2009 Hasbro Marketing Panel – 2010 and beyond

  1. “Armored MotorCycle w/ Ashika (new character) – CYCLE TRANSFORMERS INTO ARMOR! COOL AS ALL HELL.”

    kinda like robotechs cyclones??

  2. That Cyclone armor is going to be a must-have.

    The HISS tank and Ice Cutter look interesting.

    Another Amadillo repaint??? Good grief.

  3. Transforming motorcycle FOR THE WIN!!! Possibly the best news I’ve heard all day (Which maybe shows the kind of day I’m having…)

    Seriously, I want one NOW.

    I’m a little disappointed that the new HISS isn’t the Resolute HISS, but it still looks neat in the pic. And I’ll gladly take a Snowcat, since I never got an original one.

  4. I’m kind of surprised there’s no Howler in that release schedule anywhere.

    I hope this promised Resolute Storm Shadow body-use keeps the lack of Cobra logos from the original; the 25A Joe Storm Shadow never came out in Canada, and I need a faction neutral version to group with my Joes.

  5. I’m surprised people are liking the transforming motorcycle armor, which is sort of like the Accelerator Suits from the film.

    With that said, I want one, damnit. ;)

  6. “I’m surprised people are liking the transforming motorcycle armor, which is sort of like the Accelerator Suits from the film.”

    no, theyre like cyclones which makes them friggin awesome!! lol i hope they release one with a male pilot

  7. You know, when Hasbro made the big proclamation that this year would run under a new theme, I was thinking something a little more substantial than environmental themes and definately not more of this RoC stuff. While the figures they’ve done are fine for the movie, I’m really hating all the figures being all dark. Once you get a few of them, they all kinda blend in on a shelf. Now another full year of this stuff?

    It’s weird with this RoC stuff. It’s the exact opposite of the 25th stuff. There I was excited about almost every figure and the vehicles for the most part were boring. With RoC I’m bored by the figures (with some exceptions) and wowed by a lot of the vehicles.

    That new HISS looks cool.

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