More G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA reviews posted!

With thanks to Carlos from JoeBattleLines, I’ve finally got a few new reviews added to the Rise of COBRA Page.  Reviews have been uploaded for:

More to come throughout the week.

5 thoughts on “More G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA reviews posted!

  1. Nice review on the “Elite” Viper, but there is one small thing to point out he comes with a pair of MP5 Submachine guns. Machine pistols have a different design. Otherwise nicely done review.

  2. “eel” and the elite viper were both in the movie much to my surprise. thats much more incentive to pick them up. (especially with TRUs current sale). crimson viper…nah.

  3. Also to point out on the Elite Viper, is that the pair of MP5’s attach to his backpack on those little square nubs sticking out. The nubs go in between the gun’s clip and forward handle. Pretty sweet!

  4. I wrote these before the movie had come out.
    And I did see that the MP5s attach to the backpack… but it wasn’t until after I had submitted them to Justin.
    I hadn’t notice that until SnakeEyes1975 showed us pics at JBL, though.

    ELITE VIPER is a solid purchase.

    Thanks for reading, too.

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