G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA DVD and Blu-Ray dates?

Friend of GeneralsJoes David Thornton has uncovered a potential scoop on Amazon.co.uk, though it could merely be a place holder.  According to the UK Amazon site, both the standard DVD and the Blu-Ray disc have a release date of December 7th.  Check out the links below:

Again, this shouldn’t be considered definite, but it sure seems like a viable timeframe.

4 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA DVD and Blu-Ray dates?

  1. 14 weeks is the unwritten window agreed upon by the studios and theatre owners. So that would be about right. I’d imagine here stateside we’ll see it around Black Friday since that’s about 15 weeks or so. Gotta get those holiday shoppers dontcha know.

  2. And December 7th is a Monday and traditionally new releases hit here on Tuesdays. But it all depends on the studio and what theya re doing to market the DVD release.

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  4. Hey guys, just did a search on the amazon.com side and it appears that for the U.S. at least, there is a possible dvd and blu-ray release date of Nov. 3. This fits with the Tuesday release trend, again at least here in the U.S. . I know this as having worked at Meijer all new dvd display could NOT go out before the tuesday release date or the store gets HUGE fines for all early sold copies.

    Also, the direct links to the dvds on the .co.uk side do not work but just doing a search for the full title will give you the results you need to find the Nov 3rd (.com) or Dec 7th (.co.uk) dates.

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